Gaur City 1: Fear looms large after pavement collapse
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Gaur City 1: Fear looms large after pavement collapse

Residents and Passerby in gaur city1 are facing daily life challenges due to a collapsed pavement.

Gaur City 1: Fear looms large after pavement collapse

On February 14, a pavement close to an under-construction private building collapsed in City Plaza of Gaur City-1, near gate number 2. The incident has instilled fear in the residents of Gaur city 1. Residents around the area are now afraid to carry out their day-to-day activities in the area.

The area police arrived at the scene and the matter is under investigation. Prima facie it seems to be a case of excavating work as part of the construction process carried out in a wrong manner. Following the incident, the authorities have closed the Gaur City-1 gate, as a safety measure. Gaur City-1 gate will remain closed for the time being to avoid any other untoward incident. Since this incident has come to light, there is an atmosphere of fear among the people. The whole area has been covered by green cloth.

Amarjeet, resident of 6th avenue Gaur city says “There is an atmosphere of panic spread among the people. Everyone is facing a lot of troubles.”

On this, Adil Khan, another resident says, "The pavement went down and collapsed. Along with this, the wall adjacent to the project also sank into the ground below. We are terrified to even walk here.”

Darshan, a Guard in the area informed CitySpidey that the drains in the area are clogged with dirt and polythenes.

The sewer line too broke down and burst open due to the collapse of pavement. We took the help of three motors and one trolly to draw out the dirty muddy water but due to the clogged drains the water kept pushing back. This made the work harder”. We are asking for gravel (malba) to fill this place, once the gravel comes, this place will be filled. We request the municipal office to take care of drainage."