NOFAA to organise 'High Rise AOAs ki Maan ki Baat'
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NOFAA to organise 'High Rise AOAs ki Maan ki Baat'

Senior members of the Federation will initiate a weekend meeting with the AOAs of societies

NOFAA to organise 'High Rise AOAs ki Maan ki Baat'

The cases have relevantly reduced and the Covid restriction is being relaxed throughout the countries. In this view, the Noida Federation of Apartment Owners Associations (NOFAA) also changed its gears and is working towards covering up the lost time due to the pandemic. Now they are changing from the online mode to the offline mode, for the overall benefit of the residents.

Now NOFAA is introducing "High Rise AOAs ki  Maan ki Baat",  a platform where the AOA's will be able to physically meet the NOFFA and present their case regarding the problem they are facing. In this new scheme of things, the NOFAA and AOA interaction would no longer be taking place online.

At the start of 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic had hit all of us. It changed the way we used to live our lives. We were stuck in our homes and had no other choice. The technology came to our rescue as schools and colleges were functioning with the help of online classes. In this situation, everyone was worried about their work. The housing societies also faced difficulties in functioning properly. They faced problems in conducting meetings because a gathering of people was also not allowed.

Senior members of the Federation will initiate a weekend meeting with the AOAs of high-rise societies in respective zones. Rajiva Singh,  NOFAA President says, “The weekend schedule for "High Rise AOAs ki  Maan ki Baat"  interaction shall be through physical meetings in different housing societies, starting from next week onwards. These interactive sessions shall continue to cover all our member societies,  at least once.”

He adds, “The objective is to exchange the first-hand information on issues of societies through AOAs and the residents of the society.  Also, the progress made by the federation on various issues of the  high rise societies shall be compiled, from time to time, and taken up  with the administration at different levels.”

Nisha Rai, General Secretary Zone 3 7X says, “we are not able to understand the problem of AOAs clearly through online medium. In physical mode, we have the benefits that we can interact with the residents as well. NOFAA as an organisation also tries to resolve the  issues in the nearby areas of highrise societies.”

Puneet Sharma, AOA president Aditya Celebrity homes says, “Most of the  AOAs are office going people and they have societies commitment and family commitment, which can only be addressed in a collective mode. This initiative will start creating a benchmark. It will also be helpful for the AOAs to address their issues and concern.”