Panchsheel Wellington Apartment residents struggling with the basic facilities
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Panchsheel Wellington Apartment residents struggling with the basic facilities

Residents are agitated looking at the poor maintenance of the society

Panchsheel Wellington Apartment residents struggling with the basic facilities

Ghaziabad: “On October 21, I was sitting on my bed and working on my laptop and suddenly a big piece of ceiling plaster fell on me. Thankfully I did not get any serious injuries but my room was a complete mess and I got a few outer scratches," says Priyanka, a 26-year-old resident of the society.

The incidents happened at the Panchsheel Wellington Apartment, Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad.

“The situation of our society is getting worse by the day, people have been dealing with this issue for a very long time”, said Sandeep Nigam, general secretary of the AOA of Panchsheel Wellington Apartment. The residents of the society raised concerns about the current situation of the society. The residents of the society have been facing these issues for a very long time. The main concern of the residents is the maintenance of the apartments, the plaster is falling out from the ceiling, railings, exterior and internal walls of the housing society. In addition, the lifts are not working properly.

Says Priyanka, "I filed a complaint in the maintenance department firstly they ignored me, did not pay attention to what I've been through then I called all the senior members of the authority, made videos, and sent them to society’s groups then maintenance authority came and said that they would repair the damaged part but that too took a long time they demolished almost 85-90% of the roof and then repaired it. They delayed the process and it took them almost 1.5 months to repair just one ceiling of my room.” This was not the first incident of plaster falling out off the walls, many such issues can be seen in the balcony and outer area of the apartments.

”A few days back an incident took place when the lift fell from 22 to 18 floor with 4-5 residents present in the lift itself and they all were horrified by the incident”, Sandeep added.
These incidents are getting common in society and residents are continuously suffering from this issue for a very long time. Complaints were also filed by the residents of the society to the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) but no such actions have been taken yet. “ Complaints have been filed and sent to GDA, requesting for the audit of the third party of the towers and lifts. The apartment owner association was made for the society but the builders do not let us work properly," says Sandeep. The society has been struggling with the maintenance takeover.