Female entrepreneurs of Noida are game-changers
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Female entrepreneurs of Noida are game-changers

We bring you the stories of two women who have started their homerun business by dint of hardwork

Female entrepreneurs of Noida are game-changers

As a means of following their passion and generating additional income, many women in Noida have started home-based businesses. Working from home comes as an advantage for them, as it allows them more flexibility where they can look after their family as well as contribute financially too.

Here, we bring you the stories of two women from Noida who have started their homerun business by dint of their talent and hard work.

Meet Surbhi Gupta, a chef, whose home-based business ‘Desi Flavours’ has won the hearts of many residents in Noida. She is a resident of Aditya celebrity homes, sector 76.  “When we shifted 4 years back from Delhi to Noida, I saw that there are lots of bachelors who daily eat outside in unhygienic restaurants and looking for home-cooked healthy food. This was the start of the ‘desi flavours”.

Surbhi hails from Gazipur has always been a wonderful cook and wanted to try something in the area. She is an expert in healthy staple dishes, Indian snacks and sweets. Initially, she used to deliver food in her society, and later with the help of word of mouth marketing, her work earned recognition from nearby societies too.

She also served simple food during Covid times to the residents in home isolation. "I pre-informed my isolated customers that I will deliver the food, as I really understood their needs. I realized I cannot abandon these people who were my loyal customers. Today, those residents express gratitude to me and say that you helped us when we were in a very difficult situation."

Surbhi says she never did any branding or promotional activity to promote this business. The goodness of her home-cooked food speaks for itself. Making food, and delivering is not as easy a task as others think. Talking about the struggle part she says, “I remember those days when Covid was at a peak, and I was not having any conveyance so I took my mothers' car for delivery purpose, but deep within it was a desire to have a vehicle of my own. Soon after a year, work started gaining recognition and I purchased a scooter for myself. This was a small milestone for me."

Surbhi's Indian snacks are also widely appreciated. These include Chhole bhatura, aloo poori, only on the order. Her special thalis are widely loved by customers as she customises them according to their preferences.

"These days, Holi festival preparation sweets and savouries are keeping me quite busy. So this whole season I will take orders for the Holi sweets like matthi and gujiya," says she.

Surbhi owes her success to her mother who runs a boutique, “I owe it to my mother, who helped us in every way. She helps me with kitchen work, preparing the menu, preparing the meals, and she always gives me good support. Without her this journey was impossible.”

In a message to other ladies, she says, "You have to start somewhere. Don't overanalyze in the beginning and just start your journey according to what you like."

Asha Jaiswal, a resident of Ajnara homes, started her journey from the flat and after some concentrated effort opened her shop in the Radha Sky Garden.

Asha runs a family store, that caters to clothes for the whole family, both from her residential flat and a shop, by the name, 'TR Jaiswal fashion point'. Here, she keeps an affordable collection of Kurtis, nightgowns, teeshirts, lowers for everyone. The baby clothing collection is the most appreciated as residents do not need to step out for the baby's needs. Her collection comes from Ludhiana, Jaipur, Mumbai, Surat, Delhi and many other cities.

Asha was a software engineer who quit her job to take care of her two children. She says, “I left my children to the daycare and I noticed that enough care and love were missing in their growth. So, I decided to quit my job to start a homerun business where I can start something of my own and take care of my children."

Asha dedicates the success of her business to her husband who has always supported her. "During Covid, we faced a financial crisis like many other businesses but with the support of my husband and his encouraging words that this shall too pass, I continued my journey. He even cooks meals because he knows the level of effort I am putting into this venture."

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Talking about her challenges, Asha says, "Managing sales from home is as tedious as doing a corporate job but the result is much more satisfying as I can look after my kids."