Kin of Indian students stuck in Ukraine share tales of fear and desperation
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Kin of Indian students stuck in Ukraine share tales of fear and desperation

The recent death of a 20-year student between the bombshell has shaken the country.

Kin of Indian students stuck in Ukraine share tales of fear and desperation

Another day, another cry for help from Indian students living in Ukraine. The situation is worsening day by day as shellings continue. Meanwhile, scores of Indian students are trapped in Kharkiv and other parts of Ukraine. The recent death of a 20-year student between the bombshell when he stepped out to buy groceries has shaken the entire country.

Parents of students stuck in Ukraine are extremely tense. Kin of students living in bunkers inform that conditions are becoming desperate. They are running short of drinking water and food, and going out is a potential life risk.

Sangeeta SN, from Kerala, whose daughter is stuck in Ukraine talks about the severe conditions faced by her daughter and her friends who have been living in the bunker for the past few days. She says that food and other supplies are short in the bunker and going out is a grave danger.

Credits: Sangeeta SN

Sangeeta SN says," My daughter has been living in terror. I don't know what will happen. She and her fellow mates are short with food. There was a day when they had only a single apple to eat for the entire day."

The parents also informed that the trains have been declared free of cost by the Indian embassy for all the Indian students to leave Ukraine. But due to the lack of transportation, cabs are charging an excessive amount of money.

"The cabs over there are charging fortune from students. Recently my daughter told me that the curfew has been lifted. Many students have risked their life are walking towards the railway station because there are no modes of transportation. I just hope she reaches a safe destination, and I can meet her soonest." adds Sangeeta.

Navin Singh from Punjab, the elder brother of Sachin Singh, who is studying at Lviv National Medical University while addressing the authorities asks, "My brother is in Lviv at the hostel along with many other Indian students. How would students staying in a hostel know when they would be evacuated? Does the embassy have its track? Will the embassy contact them? If yes, then by when? Is it worth going to the border by themselves after seeing the scenario at the borders?"

Sachin Singh
Credits: Naveen Singh

Fortunately, Navin Singh is relieved to know that his brother and 50 students are headed to a safer place in Bucharest. He has been in constant touch with his brother and keeps all the updates on the situation.

Rema Menon, founder trustee - 'Save the future trust' who has been trying hard to get every student out of Ukraine safely, says, " We have arranged buses and transportation for students to safely travel at a railway station. Recently many students have crossed the borders but still are in a warzone. The situation is starting to worsen; apparently, between all the bombshell, a student from Delhi got lost, his cell was out of reach, he was last seen near the Poland border. The boy has been sick for the past few days. Her mother is crying her eyes out. We are trying to search for him through different means. I just hope he is safe and sound. Every day has become a challenge now."

The Indian government has recently launched a mission to bring back its stranded citizens from war-torn Ukraine via neighbouring countries. Senior ministers have gone to neighbouring countries of Ukraine to aid the evacuation procedure. Private carriers such as IndiGo, Air India Express, and SpiceJet will operate special flights from Hungarian capital Budapest and Romania’s Bucharest to evacuate stranded Indians from Ukraine.