Indian students stuck in Ukraine bring war closer home
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Indian students stuck in Ukraine bring war closer home

Around 20,000 Indians, mostly students, are stuck in Ukraine

Indian students stuck in Ukraine bring war closer home

Ukraine is at war and Bishwa Bharti, 25, an MBBS Indian student is stuck there. A resident of 11th Avenue, Gaur City, Bishwa had a flight to India from Kyiv on the morning of February 24, 2022. However, as the news of the attacks surfaced, all the flights were cancelled. Bishwa and several students like her could not return home and are stuck among the horrors of an international war. Back home in India, their parents are a worried lot.

The impending war hit Ukraine on February 24, 2022, as the Russian troops attacked Kyiv. As of now, the buildings in Ukrainian cities are taking on Russian missiles, some civilians have been killed and those who can are fleeing their homes.

In the midst of this war are some Indian students stuck in Ukraine. As of today, around 20,000 Indians, mostly students, are stuck in Ukraine. A team from the Indian embassy in Hungary was sent on February 24, 2022, to the border post of Zohanyi to provide assistance to facilitate the exit of Indians from Ukraine.

CitySpidey talked to the parents of some Indian students who are studying in Ukraine.

Sushil Kumar, father of Bishwa Bharti says, “My daughter is in her last year of MBBS. She is studying at Bukovinian State Medical University, Chernivtsi. She could not return home because of the attack in Kyiv. While we talked to her over the phone, she told us that she hasn't drank water or eaten food in the last 40 hours.”

Bishwa Bharti in Ukraine 
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Bishwa Bharti left Chernivtsi on February 23, 2022, and has been travelling since. Kumar adds, “My daughter is still stuck in Kyiv and her hostel is still 80 km away from there. She tells that the roads are totally jammed, the buses are not able to go over the speed of 15 km/h. We are worried and we hope that everything becomes fine soon and she will be with us as soon as possible.”

In Frame- Bishwa Bharti with father Sushil Kumar
Credits: Sushil Kumar

Another student, Deepank Rauthan, 22 and a 4th-year MBBS student, is stuck in Lviv, Ukraine. His family lives in Dwarka, Delhi. In a conversation with CitySpidey, his mother, Usha Rauthan says, “My son lives in Lviv with his 5 friends. Earlier they lived in hostels, however, now they have shifted to an apartment. My son told me not to worry. He said that there are safe bunkers to take shelter if the situation becomes more critical.”

Deepank Rauthan with his mother 
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While talking about the horrors in Ukraine, she says, “We try not to call him several times as he is also tensed. His father is also a retired army officer, so he understands such situations. Whenever they both talk, my husband motivates Deepank and his friends. We suggest them to handle the  situation calmly and as he is from a medical background, we suggest them to help the needy people in this situation.”

In Frame- Deepank Rauthan
Credits: Usha Rauthan

Anubhooti William, is another Indian youngster studying in Ukraine. Alka William, her mother, is a resident of Dwarka, Says she, “My daughter is in Zaporizhzhia. She is a 4th-year MBBS student. We talk to her through WhatsApp call. Earlier, she lived in a flat but now she has shifted to a college hostel. We are worried and pray that everything gets better with time.”