Prateek Laurel Society gears up for 2nd Premier League Cricket tournament
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Prateek Laurel Society gears up for 2nd Premier League Cricket tournament

8 teams and 80 players will compete at this cricket tournament which will be held at The BOX

Prateek Laurel Society gears up for 2nd Premier League Cricket tournament

Prateek Laurel Apartment Owner Association with the help of its Sports Committee is on its way to holding its own Laurel Premier League on 5th and 6th March 2022. 8 teams and 80 players will compete in this cricket tournament which will be held at The BOX, G-5, Sector-11, Noida.

The Team Captains selected their players through an open auction, held at Prateek Laurel Club, on Sunday, 27th February 2022. Area residents, AOA office bearers, NOFFA President along NOFFA Secretary attended this event. This Auction was conducted fairly on the format of the Indian Premier League(IPL) in which each Team Captain bid to take valuable players arranged in 4 pools with base prices already assigned to each player. 

Each team’s captain was given 30 crore imaginary points to buy a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 players. Raj Sen Gupta from the society played the main auctioneer followed by the sports committee having Rudy, Saksham and Ayush as supporting leads. The players sold for the highest bid were Ayush at 13 crores followed by Saksham Tyagi at 12.5 crores, followed by Sachin at 12.25 crores followed by Rudy and Arnav at 11.75 crores.

Siddharth Bali, Secretary of Prateek Laurel society says, “This event is getting bigger and better every year and we are always happy to encourage our young ones to take any outdoor games/sports in our society”.


Rajiva Singh, President, NOFAA says, "Prateek Laurel's AOA leadership team has been very innovative in introducing great initiatives for the welfare of the residents. Such sporting activities greatly help in building a community feeling in high rise societies, which is one of the key objectives of a welfare association."

Raj Sen, Volunteer, 42 years says, "The Format of Auction and the bids by the Team Captains was unique and never heard before for a society level match. The way it was conducted and hard work put in by the Young Organisers was simply exemplary."

Raj Sen

Prabhat Vats, President, PLAOA says, “Sports are an integral as well as a necessary part of our lives and we are delighted to conduct the second season of Prateek Laurel Premier League. I would like to thank all the youngsters for putting so much effort into organizing this event and hopefully where residents can showcase their cricketing skills. With our continuous endeavours to enhance the sports facilities within the society premises, we are sure that Prateek Laurel would be known for providing the best sports facilities within the NCR region.”

Rudy, 19 says, “The feeling to play a tournament is great, but when you are involved as a host and organizer then it is another degree of responsibility and satisfaction. The feeling is worth all the hard work”.


Saksham, 18 says, “It's an honour to get this opportunity to host this event. We have been working very hard to manage everything. Looking forward to ending the tournament on a successful note.”

Their main sponsors of this event are - Cheezy Weezy cafe, Grubzz, Pihu dental, The cakery shop, Mart N More, and Howdy kitchen.