Korean fashion trends in India
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Korean fashion trends in India

Korean fashion is quickly becoming a fashion statement globally

Korean fashion trends in India

The global love for K-pop and K-drama appears to be at an all-time high in India. Young people are particularly interested in Korean culture, which is reflected in everything from their OTT lists to music, snack choices and fashion.

Korean fashion is quickly becoming a fashion statement globally. This love has emerged from a series of factors. Everyone, from social media influencers to high school students are enamoured with Korean beauty brands and fashion. Children and high schoolers love BTS and Blackpink.  Netflix India has a lot of viewership of k- dramas and movies, and it reported a 370% growth in India in 2020.

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Students learn the Korean language and apply to universities to live the fascinating K- culture. Indians living in Korea upload and post videos about life in Korea on Instagram and social media platforms, and people love to watch such blogs and videos.

Many fashion designers are considering following South Korean fashion trends. Designers Shivan and Narresh brought Seoul to the runway for LMIFW 2020.

The fiery colours and bold combinations set Korean clothing apart from other fashion trends. Baggy clothes are a living example of how highly Korean fashion has influenced the Indian population.

Here are the few Korean fashions that are pretty popular in Korea and are adored by Indians-

Long skirts and jackets
If you watch any K-drama, you'll find long skirts and jackets quite often in the dramas. You can wear a long skirt and accompany it with a short jacket and a matching blouse, a pair of tennis shoes and accessories. A patent fashion statement in Korea. These long skirts come in a wide range of designs and colours. Bright and vivid colours, on the other hand, predominate in this style of clothing. A combination of classic long coats with pastels can create the best look.

Baggy pants
If you want to wear pants but don't like wearing them too tight, baggy pants are your best option as it is highly fashionable in Korean trends. We have seen BTS and other K-pop singers wearing these pants. They are garments that can be mixed and matched with any other piece. They are in trend. You can achieve a sporty or casual look with these pants.

Gomusin shoes
In Korea, they are the traditional female shoes. They are easily identified because they are wide, have low heels, and come in various designs. These rubber shoes are available in neutral colours as well as brighter colours.

Hair Accessories
In addition to complementing any style, accessories add a unique and personal touch. In Korea, accessories play a vital role. In all the K- dramas, you'll always find the lead wearing a cute hairpin or a clip. As a result, it assists you in having beautiful hairstyles decorated in the most feminine way possible as most Korean women.

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Although many tight dresses are mostly worn during special occasions, In Korea, baggy clothes play a significant role as most fashion is comfortable and cute. A light fabric flowy dress can be your perfect pick for a casual outing.

Long socks
Knee- or thigh-high socks are a trend in Korean fashion. These socks' creative colours and designs lead the closet, and when worn with shorts or short skirts paired with a short summer coat, you can achieve a look that many would envy.

Take benefit from these garments' possibilities and join the Korean fashion army in India!