Experience Rajasthani cuisine at Noida Haat
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Experience Rajasthani cuisine at Noida Haat

People across Noida are satisfying the craving for authentic Rajasthani cuisine at Saras Ajeevika Me

Experience Rajasthani cuisine at Noida Haat

The Rajwadi land of Rajputs is a paradise for foodies. Rajasthani cuisine is among those rare cuisines boasting of a never-ending platter with a plethora of dishes, ranging from tangy drinks like nimbu pani, to
spicy starters like kairi ka pani. From mouth-watering pickles to tasty dal baati churma. Added are delights like chutneys, achaars, papad and chaach. Not to forget the delicate desserts like moong dal halwa and gulab halwa melting in your mouth instantly.

Here in Noida, you can find several flavours (if not all) of the authentic Rajisthani cusine at the Saras Ajeevika Mela.

Kartik Sain, from Nagaur, Rajasthan is winning the hearts with their tasty ghee filled dal bati churma. They are serving the Maharaja thali in 450 INR. This includes Dal, Bati, Churma, Ker Sangri ki sabji with Bajre ki roti, Besan ke gattey, Kadhi and chapatti, with pulao, Pyaz ki kachori, Moong dal halwa, Buttermilk and a very special dessert Moong dal halwa. Many people were seen enjoying this piping hot Rajasthani pure vegetarian cuisine.

Dr Shreya says, " I am daily having lunch here at Rajasthan stall, since the haat started. Their meal is truly scrumptious."

The pickles of Rajasthan hold a different taste and are a huge attraction at the Noida Haat. One can see a wide variety of pickles from Bikaner and Khatu Shyam Jaipur are famous worldwide. Long ques can be seen for having a taste of Rajasthani pickles and buying them.

Teeja Devi of Anandraj Ji SHG from Bikaner has a variety of Rajasthani pickles. She explains that these are pickled with pure mustard oil, lemon juice or water depending on the main ingredient. Apart from this,
there is also a range of bhujiya, papads, mangodi among others from Rajasthan.

On preparation, she says, "The dough of Moth dal, Besan, Chana Dal and Spices like salt, red chilli, black pepper, cardamom, cloves groundnut oil is formed into one snack by pressing it through a sieve and deep-fried in vegetable oil. The difference between the bikaneri bhujiya and the normal bhujiya is that the bikaneri bhujiya is purely prepared with moth dal and rest prepare it in wheat flour. Our bhujiya is pure without any added chemicals."

The range also consisted of the lehsun dana methi ki chutney, kair sangria, Special red chilly pickle, athna mirch danamethi pickle, kair with green chilly pickle, raw mango pickle, amla murabba sweetened in jaggery.

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Manju Devui, another pickle queen from Rajasathan's Khatu Shyam, Sikar is selling Pickles like Sweet lemon, Garlic, Red chilly, Lesua, Mango, Mix Pickle, Green Chilly, Sweet Mango, Athaana Chilly, Garlic Chutney,
Kair Sangri, Mangodi, Besan gatta, Khakhra, Papad, Chikki etc. On asking what is new here she said, "Dry fruits chutney is the latest addition."
We find the taste similar to navrattan chutney served in Dahi vada at weddings.

Anubhuti from Mayur Vihar who was seen near the pickles stores says, "This is my second visit to the Noida Haat. I have also brought my mother. We have lots of relatives in Jaipur. We had a doubt if we could find authentic Rajasthani offerings anywhere else than Rajasthan itself. We are happy to be proved wrong. We tried many pickles and namkeens. Plus the vendors are so warm and friendly. They reflect Rajasthan's hospitality."