Is alcohol good for health? Experts react
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Is alcohol good for health? Experts react

Time and again, certain theories have vouched for the good effects of alcohol

Is alcohol good for health? Experts react

For more than 10,000 years, humans have been consuming fermented beverages defined as alcohol. Time and again, certain theories have vouched for the good effects of alcohol. Yet, one cannot ignore the negative effects of alcohol such as addiction, reduced balance increasing the risk of accidents and fatty liver.

Many people believe that alcohol benefits brain and heart health. Some people also take it as a medication to prevent kidney stones and control blood sugar levels.

In such a situation, it is difficult to decide whether alcohol is good for health and how much.

CitySpidey talked to the dietitian and diabetes educator, Dr Vaishali Verma who cleared all the doubts and confusion.

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Dr Vaishali says, “There is no health benefit of consuming alcohol."

Explaining further, she says, "We as doctors almost every day, break these myths for our patients. Red wine or vodka when taken in a recommended (small) amount occasionally can be taken.  However, a doctor would bever prescribe alcohol as a medicine. Nor can alcohol find it as an alternative to any medication or take it as a solution to any problem.”

Red wine is rich in antioxidants known as resveratrol. This antioxidant is present in the skin of grapes and is a major component of grape juice or red wine. Red wine is fermented with the skin of grapes and that is why it contains resveratrol. “Many people self diagnose and drink red wine to boost antioxidants in their body. This activity is never suggested without a doctor's recommendation. Instead, there are many other ways of increasing antioxidants levels in the body.”

Alcohol can cure kidney stones is another myth. Dr Vaishali says, “There is no evidence claiming the benefit of alcohol for dissolving kidney stones. It varies from person to person. One with kidney stones can increase any fluid intake, to take out the kidney stone such as lemon water or amla juice. Instead, alcohol can increase the acidic level in the body.”

We came to the conclusion is that alcohol can never be treated as an alternative to medicine. Its use as a remedy for an ailment without a doctor's consultation have dangerous impacts.