Pre Holi preparation for your skin and hair!
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Pre Holi preparation for your skin and hair!

It's critical to take good care of your hair and skin before going out to play Holi

Pre Holi preparation for your skin and hair!

Holi is all about getting the pleasure of being immersed in blue, pink, and yellow hues. However, there's no disputing that most Holi colours can do significant damage to your hair and skin. These chemicals could be exceedingly harmful, as they could infiltrate your skin's top layers, producing rashes and acne breakouts.

It's critical to take good care of your hair and skin before going out to play Holi. Here's a list of quick fixes that can help you get stained or affected by the Holi colours.


Before you head out to play Holi, one should always prepare their skin and hair with oiling. Colours are primarily harmful because of the chemical substance, this is why Holi colours are not suitable for skin and hair. It's essential to protect your hair. Massage your hair with warm coconut oil or a mixture of jojoba and castor oil the night before Holi. As a result, the oil will provide additional nutrition while also preventing your hair from drying out due to the colours. This will also make it easier to remove the colour later.

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Moisturing your whole body is essential, especially your hands and face. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer on your skin, face, and exposed body parts before going out to play, as it will act as a barrier to the colours. This way, colours won't get into your pores.


As Holi is played during the daytime, applying sunscreen is recommended. Make sure you use the cream at least 30 minutes before heading out so it protects your skin against sun harm. To rescue your eyes, you can wear a pair of sunglasses. Well, sunglasses are the new trend at such parties. Don't forget to apply a gel-based, waterproof sunscreen with SPF 30.

Use nail paint to avoid colours on the nails

Who like stained nails, with green, red or blue colour, well nobody does. Some colours are so stubborn they take weeks to fade away. To avoid such hassle, paint your nails with a darker colour to avoid stains on the nails. You can easily remove the colour after you are done playing.

Egg yolk or curd before shampoo

Avoid directly shampooing your hair after playing Holi. Apply egg yolk or curd on your hair at least 45 minutes before shampoo. This will help pull the colours and reduce the extent of the damage. Also, dodge shampooing a day before Holi. This way, the natural oils on your scalp can act as a protector.

Petroleum Jelly

Make sure you apply petroleum jelly on your lips instead of conventional lip balms because its texture is thicker and lasts longer. You can also use petroleum jelly on your neck, back of your ears, and between your fingers. Avoid the hassle to get your lips getting a dark green or blue colour this Holi.