Experience the best of Indian regional cuisine at SurajKund Mela
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Experience the best of Indian regional cuisine at SurajKund Mela

Visit Jammu and Kashmir stall to eat exotic Kasmir delights

Experience the best of Indian regional cuisine at SurajKund Mela

The International Surajkund Handicrafts Mela in Faridabad, Haryana, is a major attraction in Delhi NCR. This year, it began on March 19 and will run till April 4, 2022. The expo is held after a two-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 crisis. This fair is conducted every year in February, however, it was delayed because of Covid protocols.

Apart from drowning in the pool of rich heritage, people coming to Surajkund can devour the different foods items served at the stalls. Ethnic cuisines from all over India are being served at the food court here which are pretty popular with visitors.

After strolling in the craft mela in the hot weather, you need to eat something to energise yourself. Once you enter the Food area, you'll be able to smell the tempting aroma of food from different cultures. Here at Surajkund, you can try delicacies from other states under one roof, from Kashmiri cuisine to Rajasthani Cuisine. Surajkund is genuinely a blessing for all the foodies.

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Don't be heartbroken if you haven't visited J&K, but you can try their delicacies here at Sundarkund Mela. Kasmir has a beautiful culture, and another equally fantastic thing is the food of Kashmir. This stall was serving excellent food like Dum aloo, mutton rogan Josh, chicken pulao, yakhni lamb curry, sheermaal and more.

Rajasthani and south-Indian stalls attracted people in abundance. The Rajasthani food stall sells Dal baati churma, special Rajasthani thali, bajra roti, choorma laddoo and many traditional dishes at this exquisite Rajasthani corner.

"We have come here for the first time, and the experience is quite amazing. We can see the real and incredible India here," said an elderly couple while relishing the delicious food at the Rajasthani stall.

Students from IHM Faridabad were serving multiple dishes solely prepared by themselves; the overall stall was an open kitchen. From rajma chawal to chicken and naan. People were going gaga over this stall. You can eat chole Bhature, chicken seekh, chicken biryani, shahi paneer thali, noodles, etc.

Apart from all these traditional stalls, you could eat your favourite naan and daal at the Punjabi Khaana stall. There were many regular stalls of Kulfi, Bhelpuri, Momos, Bhature, and whatever you find at the familiar Mela.

Last but not least, the main attraction of the Surajkund Mela is the Gohana's desi ghee 'Jaleba' which was the ultimate dessert corner for everyone. Jaleba is most likely a big brother of jalebi. It is a bigger version of jalebi. It's thick and juicy, will you fall in love with its flavour. Gohana desi ghee 'Jaleba'is must try if you visit Surajkund Mela, Faridabad.

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If you still haven't visited the world's largest craft, Mela Surajkund Mela, hurry to book your tickets and have a lifetime experience with your friends and family.