Banarasi street food that you should not miss out on
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Banarasi street food that you should not miss out on

You can find Kachori sabzi on almost every street of Banaras

Banarasi street food that you should not miss out on

Street food is something every Indian swears by. The diverse cultures in this country with their own menu of street treats is responsible for it but hey, no one is complaining. One city that is culturally quite rich and doesn't disappoint even when it comes to food. The streets of this city are full of delectable delicacies. While you visit the city, apart from experiencing ganga ghat aarti and old temples, do get a taste of its street food.

Here is a list of some famous street of Banaras that you should not miss out on-

Chena Dahi Vada


Chena is quite similar to Rasmalai in terms of shape. It is dipped in sweet yoghurt and all curd lovers would definitely love it. And Chena is a hint mix of masala of Jeera and black salt. It tastes and mixes like sour and sweet. It is garnished with fresh coriander.

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Malaaiyo is known as Malai Makkhan. It is a sweet dish made from milk cream. Malaaiyo is a winter's favourite dessert of Banaras. It is flavoured with cardamom and saffron and is garnished with pistachios and almonds. This dessert is served in a small earthen bowl called 'kulhads'.

In the Chaukhamba Gali, a shop by the name Markandey Sardar serves one of the best Malaaiyo in the town.

Kachori Sabzi


This is one of the most popular breakfast of Banaras. You can find Kachori sabzi on almost every street of the city. The fluffy round fried kachoris are served with hot aloo sabzi.

To get a taste of one of the best kachoris, head to Ram Bhandar in Chowk and Madhur Milan near Dashashwamedh Ghat.

Chooda Matar

It is simply a Poha recipe with a Varanasi touch and twist. It is flattened rice soaked in Desi ghee and then fried and added with peas and Indian spices. This is perfect to have in the evening time.

Best place to enjoy Chooda matar, Kashi Chat Bhandar, Deena Chat Bhandar.

Bhaati Chokha


This is one of the best and most famous dishes of Banaras. Bhaati is nothing but round Indian style bread dipped in desi ghee and chokha is a mix of boiled potatoes, tomato, onion and roasted eggplant. The treat will definitely leave you happy an fulfilled and might also remind you of litti chokha, a Bihari rendition of the same.

To enjoy one of the best Bhaati Chokha in Banaras, head to Baati Chokha Restaurant at Teliyabagh.

Banarasi Paan


Banarasi Paan, with no exaggeration,  is world famous. It is an after meal treat that makes the meal complete. You can always get your paan customised as per your preferances.

One of the best places to have Banarasi paan is Keshav Paan Bhandaar near Ravidas Gate, Lanka road