Lost gems of summers
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Lost gems of summers

Wen you look closely, each of these concoctions had many health benefits

Lost gems of summers

For many of us, summer was a feeling. Vacations spent at grandparents' homes seem to be the most memorable time of our lives. From savouring jamuns under shady trees in summer afternoons to enjoying sour karonda pickles, many of these elements are simply part of the memory now.

There was a time when our kitchen was our medicine store and our mothers were our nutritionists. But when you look close, each of these had many health benefits. Our mothers used to prepare things that were weather appropriate and gave us strength to fight seasonal infections. Over the years we have forgotten these natural gems. Going down memory lane, here are some lost gems of Summer -

Kanji (a refreshing and nutritious drink)

Traditionally Kanji recipe is made with black carrots and this drink has a purple colour. Our grandmothers used to make this recipe in earthen pots which kept it cool and fresh. Fermented food has traditionally been a part of the diet of almost all cultures. Kanji is a drink that improves your gut and digestion. If you are not able to find black carrots you could make this recipe with red carrots and beetroots.

Gond Katira (Tragacanth Gum)

Gond katira has amazing cooling properties and thus it is often used to prepare drinks that help the body to stay cool during the summer season. It cures dehydration and nasal bleeding. It helps in regaining strength post-pregnancy. Soaked in water overnight, then it can be used in making puddings, jellies, kheer or sweets.

Falsa fruit (Grewia asiatica)

One more summer delight.  Falsa fruits or false ka sharbat are a beloved childhood memory for many of us. It regulates electrolyte imbalance and treats anaemia. Grandparents also love this fruit because it relieves joints pain and treats respiratory issues.

Curd Raisin (Dahi Kishmish)

Take a bowl of warm milk, add 4-5 raisins to it, take a small drop of curd and add that to the milk. Stir it and set it aside for up to 8-10 hours. it was traditionally done in ceramic pots, you can use a glass bowl.  It neutralises the bad bacteria, promotes the growth of good bacteria, and reduces the inflammation in the intestines. Consume it with breakfast and see how it will improve your overall health.

Karonda (Carissa Carandas)

Rich in fibre, the fruit is extremely beneficial for treating abdominal problems. It improves digestion and reduces fever. It also helps in strengthening cardiac muscles.

Shehtoot (Mulberry)

An excellent source of protein, vitamins and several minerals, shahtoot or mulberry is also used as traditional medicine. It is believed to fight cancer in many cultures. It improves blood circulation, promotes brain health and promotes liver health. It is anti-cholesterol and anti-obesity. You can make mulberry jam and bake mulberries into a pie.