GreNo West- Residents confused, dog menace continues in societies
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GreNo West- Residents confused, dog menace continues in societies

Dog biting cases in Noida Extension are rising day by day

GreNo West- Residents confused, dog menace continues in societies

The societies in Noida and Greater Noida are facing the issue of dog menace for some time now. Many cases of dog attacks have been reported recently. As gathered, pet owners are also not taking responsibility for their dogs.
People are in fear, clueless about what to do and how to protect themselves.

In Supertech Oxford Square, Sector 16-B, Noida extension, one can witness the menace of dogs any day and at any time. A recent dog attack case was caught on CCTV of the society's shop at the A10 block at Vikas general store. As per Dr Hari Mohan Garg, he was at Vikas general store at 9.50 pm. While he was coming out of the shop, he saw a pet dog with a person. He asked the owner to hold the dog and keep the dog away, but the owner didn't act, instead stood there where he was standing. Thereafter the dog allegedly attacked his one and a half-year-old son.

He says, "I saved my son somehow, but this person started misbehaving after I confronted him. I contacted the security and later the police. The pet owners were trying to evade any responsibility."

He adds, "I even received threats from the owner. This is a serious issue. If not taken care of now it can lead to serious consequences in future."

Dr Harimohan even complained at the maintenance office along with other residents.  They gave him a complaint letter and asked about what is being done for the safety of the people in the society. The Maintenance Officer has assured them that he would surely take some steps and will not let such cases happen again.

Stray dogs can be seen in large numbers in Nirala Aspire, Ek Murti, Sector 16B. As gathered, some residents feed these stray dogs within the society premises, which makes them linger in society. When these dogs do not get food, they attack passers-by.

Many cases of dog bites have already been reported in society. As informed by Sandeep Gupta, a resident, the issue has not yet been solved despite several complaints to the Authorities and the management.

Some residents and maintenance staff highlight that dog lovers and their associations are not letting them get rid of this problem, as they feel not giving refuge to stray dogs within society is cruelty.

Amir Azmi, the maintenance manager of Nirala Aspire says, "As we try to shoo away the stray dogs, the dog lovers send threatening messages and notices. Recently an animal rights activist sent me a threatening message on WhatsApp to sue me. We are in a state of confusion about what to do and what not."

They also have put a feeding container out from the society premises so that the leftovers can be thrown out from the society premises for the cattle and dogs. However, the problem persists.

Feeding pit outside Nirala Aspire

Priyansha Gupta, a dog lover from the Nirala aspire society, was recently bitten by a stray dog. She explains that not all dogs are bad and need treatment. She says, “Individuals feel frightened of the dogs and then they start disliking the mere presence of dogs. The issue of this society is that only one big bowl is kept outside the society to put the leftovers. They should build a big feeding point with maximum containers and everyone should be vigilant not to throw food inside society. I don’t suggest keeping a violent dog inside the society but we can't evict all as most are harmless dogs."

Keeping such cases in mind, the RWA of Amrapali Zodiac, sector 120 Noida has come up with an effective mechanism. They have allotted special feeding zones outside the society. Every resident has been asked to put the leftovers outside in the feeding points only. If failing to do so, it will be termed an offence and the resident will be fined a sum of rupee 5000. They have affixed notices everywhere that if anyone is seen taking their pet in the lift, and the other resident is having a problem with this, then the pet and the owner have to get out of the lift. If the pet is found urinating in the common area, owners will be fined 5000 rupees and if this act is repeated, they will bear the fine of rupees 10,000.

Feeding point in Amrapali Zodiac

Joginder Singh, President RWA of Amrapali zodiac says,


"The people here think that nobody watches them when they feed the stray dogs, or when they let pet dogs pass faeces in green area/ common area. Everything is
available on CCTV. If a pet is creating trouble for others, the owner will have to take responsibility. A sum of 5000 is fixed for the first time and 10000 for the second time. In case of negligence, people will
see the amount deducted from the maintenance or electricity charges from the prepaid meter."