Nirala Aspire: Frequent dog biting cases agitate residents
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Nirala Aspire: Frequent dog biting cases agitate residents

These dogs are neither sterilized nor human friendly

Nirala Aspire: Frequent dog biting cases agitate residents

The issue of cattle has not yet been solved in the Noida extension, but the new issue has come into the highlight.

The fear of stray dogs lingers among the residents of Nirala Aspire which has made their lives difficult. The fear of the stray dogs has taken away basic liberties from the residents of Nirala Aspire. They can not sit in the garden, they can not take a walk in lanes of their society anymore.

Sandeep Gupta, a resident of the society shared on Twitter, "Nirala Aspire Society is under the terror of stray dogs and monkeys. Residents are being forced to live under the violence of stray dogs who are biting and attacking every other resident. Please provide support on an immediate basis."

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In a conversation with CitySpidey, he says, “There are some dogs which have been attacking the residents regularly. Several incidents of dog biting have been reported in our society. When anyone takes any action against those stray dogs, there is a group of people who oppose it. They call themselves dog lovers and threaten us with legal action if we take any action against the dogs."

He further says, "Moreover, these people feed the dogs and have put dog collars around their neck to claim and now they are community dogs. However, these dogs are neither sterilized nor human-friendly. Something needs to be done about it as soon as possible.”