Halwa with the twist of fruits
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Halwa with the twist of fruits

Take a look at some delightful fruit halwa that is surprisingly easy to make

Halwa with the twist of fruits

Some dreamy desserts like pavlovas and jalebis require lots of skill and a long list of ingredients. Yet, on the other hand, there are some very special halwa recipes that can be made in a jiffy.

So, whether you have a spate of guests coming over with virtually no prep done or are hankering for something tasty on a lonely afternoon, this fruity halwas can be your saviour. Take a look at some delightful fruit halwa that is surprisingly easy to make.

Apple ka halwa

If you’re a fan of gajar ka halwa and bottle gourd halwa, then the apple variant shall please you. It is a relatively simple dessert that involves grated apple being toasted in ghee before sugar is added in and the dessert thickens. Many prefer to toss in some roasted cashews and food colouring to give it a pleasing look. Once it is completely cooked, it shall ooze ghee and the festive dessert shall be ready to savour.

Pineapple Rawa Kesari

Credit: Dassana's

Pineapple Rawa Kesari is a delicious suji ka halwa flavoured with pineapple. With each spoonful of pineapple halwa melody of flavours is created in the palate. The tropical freshness of pineapple is melted with the sweetness of sugar, ghee, and semolina building layers of extraordinary flavour. And not to forget, the pleasing aroma of saffron, cardamom, and pineapple which filled senses with a long-lasting memory of this dessert.

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Anjeer or Fig Halwa

Credit: faskitchen

If you’ve had figgy pudding, then you should know that the anjeer halwa is a preparation that has a similar flavour palate as the popular Christmas dessert. It is an acquired taste for those who dislike figs, but the saccharine delight is one that is usually a crowd-pleaser.

Dry Fruit Halwa

The most interesting part about this recipe is that it can be tweaked to include just about any variations of fruits and nuts you have around the house. The core ingredients are dates and a sweetener which can be sugar. However, you can limit the quantity of sugar should you wish to cater to those who prefer to restrict it in their diet.

Papaya Halwa

One of the most intriguing fruits that can be transformed into a tasty halwa is the humble Papaya. You may use raw papaya or even a ripe one, with the difference being that ripe papaya requires little to no sugar given the fact that the fruit is so very sweet. Raw papaya takes longer to cook but once it is roasted in ghee, it swiftly thickens. Cashew and saffron are great additions to this dessert.

These amazing halwa with a twist of fruits are the key to your sweet tooth cravings! Do let us know which one did you like the most.