'Wetland Mitra', community initiative to save Delhi wetlands
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'Wetland Mitra', community initiative to save Delhi wetlands

Any person above 12 years of age can become a ‘Wetland Mitra’

'Wetland Mitra', community initiative to save Delhi wetlands

Delhi: To conserve wetlands in Delhi, the Delhi Government has launched a new initiative named 'Wetland Mitra', which seeks participation at the local level and aims at spreading awareness among locals.

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On April 6, 2022, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and Environment Minister Gopal Rai met ‘Wetland Mitras’ of Delhi who have been working to rejuvenate and save the wetlands of Delhi. Under this, people will work as volunteers to spread awareness about wetlands among the people. Sisodia took suggestions from 'Wetland Mitras' on the roadmap for the development and conservation of wetlands.

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In this volunteer-based program, any person above 12 years of age can become a ‘Wetland Mitra’. Apart from spreading awareness among locals about wetlands, ‘Wetland Mitras’ will also alert the authorities on wetland encroachment, solid waste dumping, waste treatment, and other issues.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that wetlands are an important part of Delhi's ecosystem. These wetlands support aquatic life and are a source of water, they help to recharge groundwater. They also help in controlling climate change and floods. But due to a lack of attention to these wetlands, their condition is deteriorating day by day. Thus it is important for local people, who live near these wetlands, to come forward and help the government in wetland rejuvenation programs. Their support is needed in spreading awareness about the importance of these wetlands and the need to protect them. He said that it is a matter of great pleasure to see self-motivated people coming forward as ‘Wetland Mitras’ for the rejuvenation of wetlands in Delhi.

People willing to join hands with the government as 'Wetland Mitra' can login and register on http://dpgs.delhigovt.nic.in