World health day-residents from Delhi NCR share their fitness regime
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World health day-residents from Delhi NCR share their fitness regime

CitySpidey talked to some residents from Delhi NCR to know about what they do to keep healthy

World health day-residents from Delhi NCR share their fitness regime

In the hustle-bustle of everyday life, we tend to ignore the most important aspect of life- our health. Every year, April 7 is observed as World health day (WHD) to mark the founding of WHO in 1948. A sedentary lifestyle and habits such as overexposure to screens and consumption of carbohydrates can adversely affect our health. On the other hand, some exercise and a healthy diet go a long way.

On this World Health Day, CitySpidey talked to some residents from Delhi NCR to know about what they do to keep healthy-

Priya Agarwal,

a software engineer says, a resident of Cherry County,  “Coconut is one such elixir which can be considered a gift of God. I drink it regularly. What we do is what our children learn. Everyone knows that food and exercise are the best pair to make us fit and healthy, but in our present-day busy routine, we often do not find time, but we must take out time deliberately for exercising."

Shashi Bala,

resident of Nirala aspire and mom of two says, “I start my mornings with cycling, a few other exercises and a healthy breakfast. I try to consume natural things instead of supplements. If you want to lose weight, follow the diet for weight loss or meet specific fitness goals. Sports can help wonders in maintaining good health."

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Vijay Malik (23) resident of Mahagun Puram, Ghaziabad is a gold medallist and two times trophy winner in the National game bodybuilding held in Meerut and Mr U.P in the bodybuilding championship by the BFSA federation. He says, “I am a regular gym-goer, a workout freak and a highly active person. Being a video editor, I have a very tough schedule, still, I manage to take out time twice for my workout. Those who say that they don't have time, are the ones who are not dedicated towards their health.”

Manish Kumar,

a resident of EcoVillage 1 says, “ To remain fit, I follow a strict plan of per day 50 km cycling ride with my companions every day. I wake at sharp 4.45 am and I am on-road cycling from 5 am to 7 am.  I have never followed any diet plan but yes, our cycling is a rigorous task and in this, we increase our calcium intake."

Amit darshan,

a resident of Himalaya Pride says, “There are five things that come to my mind when we talk about good health. One must always take a healthy diet. Exercising regularly is a must. Smoking and drinking should be limited. Weight should be controlled, and the consumption of alcohol should be limited. The key to a healthy life is happiness, I live happily and I keep my surroundings happy”.

Amir Haider,

resident of sector 90 says, “Sedentary lifestyle is the most unhealthy lifestyle, it leads to high blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and many other health issues. I believe in being active, by engaging myself in regular workouts and they are also a great stress buster. Many times, when I am not able to go to the gym, I prefer to take the stairs despite taking the lift."

He continues, “ I am observing Roza these days, still I am not skipping my gym. I keep fast and take fruits in the afternoon and evening open Roza in the office and still never skips gym.”

Cdr. Narinder Mahajan,

a resident of Arun Vihar says, “To lead a healthy life, I follow a very simple fundamental rule. No worries, No hurries and No curries. I am an ardent lover of everyday morning walks and also laughter yoga. One must never do fad diets. Everything should be eaten, but yes, in moderation. Every six months one must undergo all blood tests to ensure all the parameters. I had my bypass surgery 23 years back yet I am fit and fine today, it is all because I followed a healthy lifestyle."

Sanjeev Kumar,

resident of Assotech Windsor Court says, “In the morning some Yoga and indoor exercise around 30 to 40 minutes. At night, I walk for around 4 to 5 km post-dinner. A good night's sleep is a must to stay healthy.”

Tanushri Jha, a resident of Cherry County, Noida Extension says,“ The first step towards improving the health is identifying a bad habit. Everyone needs to set small goals, change the bad habit into good habits and by choosing healthy surroundings."