Boho Bazaar 2022- Reasons why it didn't work
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Boho Bazaar 2022- Reasons why it didn't work

Delhi heat was the greatest impediment

Boho Bazaar 2022- Reasons why it didn't work

Boho Bazaar, also known as 'The biggest flea market' was the talk of the town for many days. The three-day fest conducted at JLN stadium ended yesterday April 10, 2022. Despite the chunky jewellery, food and musical programs, Boho Bazaar was not truly a success. Several factors were responsible for this with Delhi heat posing as the greatest impediment.

Let us revisit a few reasons why Boho Bazaar did not work this year-

Wrong Timing

The scorching heat is enough to dehydrate anyone, how can one simply enjoy an open flea market amidst this? April 9, 2022, was recorded as the hottest April day in five years with 42.4 degrees Celsius. The result was few people fainted and a majority felt dehydrated. There were only 1-2 places where you could sit under a shed and enjoy your meal. Visitors thus feel haggard, lost and utterly tired. Usually, the fest happens during winter, which is the best time to hold fests. Conducting an event during extreme summers is something the organizers should reconsider.

Overpriced food and long queues

The food we usually get at a reasonable price was a little too pricey at Boho Bazaar. Whether it was just a standard plate of momos or a regular vegetarian thali, everything was expensive. A simple lemon soda that would cost you Rs 30 anywhere, was priced at Rs 150 here. However, if you're only interested in the food, these events are rarely worth the money or the time. Stalls were fairly congested. Half the zeal could be evaporated in the process of getting a token and waiting for your turn. 

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Many stall owners complained about the alleged inconsiderate attitude of the organizers and volunteers throughout the three-day period of the bazaar. Several complained that there were no water bottles, no chairs to sit and no shade for the stall owners to take a respite. Many sellers were seen standing in the hot sun. They shared that the rented fans that were given to them for Rs 500 per day were not working. The sellers also complained about the rudeness and ignorance of the volunteers. A stall keeper told us that it was impossible to sell anything under these circumstances.


Another inconvenience that attendees faced was collecting physical tickets, despite buying them online. However, there was no instruction about the ticket situation online or offline. Taking printed tickets from the counter was the only way to get into the Boho Bazaar. With the passing day, the ticket situation worsened in the evening, people had to wait hours to get their event passes, which created a lot of chaos.

Scarcity of water

The only thing that can bring you relief from the heat is freshwater. But the situation at Boho Bazaar was unimaginable. Water bottles here were being sold above the regular price. A 20 rupee water bottle was sold for 50. And not to forget, Boho bazaar-themed water was your only option as people were not allowed to carry their own water bottle to the fest. This seemed unnecessary and uncalled for inappropriate when you have to attend a fest under an intense sun. Was the Boho Bazaar a flea fest or a challenging desert?

Open area

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People who held their stalls thought the fest would be all covered and they do not have to worry about the sun, and the same goes for the attendees. However, this was not the case. Everything was open under the hot sun. People were resting on the carpets as walking under a solid sun could lead to dehydration and can drain your energy.

This year's Boho Bazaar did not meet many people's expectations, and it lacked in many ways, whether it is mismanagement or the heat. Let us hope that next year would be a better experience.