Tips for a happy and healthy adolescence
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Tips for a happy and healthy adolescence

It is important to encourage teenagers to make some healthy changes to their lifestyle

Tips for a happy and healthy adolescence

Adolescence is a transformational phase when the body and mind go through a lot of changes. According to, "The many physical, sexual, cognitive, social, and emotional changes that happen during this time can bring anticipation and anxiety for both children and their families."

However, during this coming-of-age phase, teenagers, in a bid to look cool or because of peer pressure, may indulge themselves in unhealthy practices such as alcohol and smoking. Irregular sleep patterns, lack of physical activities, and a sedentary lifestyle become normal during adolescence. All such habits and patterns may result in anxiety, depression, and mental stress.

Other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cervical may also make their way during this phase of life. This is the result of practices such as binge eating, high phone addiction, sitting for long hours and staying inside. Such lifestyle can be threatening and cause serious health issues, especially during adulthood. Thus, it is important to encourage teenagers to make some healthy changes to their lifestyle. Here are a few tips to lead a healthy adolescence phase.

Involve yourself in sports: Sports or group athletic activities can be beneficial as they strengthen and keep the body active. If you enjoy athletic participation, join your school sports team or any activity like swimming classes after school. There are other physical activities you can enjoy like karate, judo,  horse riding and a lot more.

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Walk or bike to school: If you live near your school then walking your way in the morning or riding a cycle is the best way to keep yourself active and the environment safe. You can start your walk or ride before 30 minutes of your school time.

Limit added sugars: The food may be scrumptious, however, the added sugars and preservatives have several harmful effects on your body. These sugar add calories to your diet and may lead to lifestyle diseases. Thus, make sure to limit their consumption and substitute them with fruits.

Go out and socialise: Take out some time from your daily routine and go for a walk, jogging or hiking with your loved ones. You can also enjoy your own company while going out. However, socialising helps to get over the hesitation of meeting and talking to new people and also helps in building some confidence.

Take proper sleep: Some studies say that teens require more sleep as their minds and bodies are always on a transforming mode. One must sleep at least 7-9 hours. Thus, cut short your screen time to get ample sleep.

Along with physical changes, the body also goes through several mental and emotional changes. Here are a few things teenagers must keep in mind to ensure mental well being.

  • One can not avoid stressful conditions, thus, don't try to run away from your problems. It is important to face them and for that, don't hesitate from asking for help.
  • Maintain healthy relationships with your parents. Remember they won't do anything wrong to you intentionally.
  • Maintain a balance between your school, work, and social life.
  • Do not exaggerate things or take up extra responsibility which can lead to stress, anxiety and tiredness.