Home garden- An easy way to come close to nature
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Home garden- An easy way to come close to nature

Plants not only add aesthetics to space but are actually life in that space

Home garden- An easy way to come close to nature

The following article is a replug on National Gardening Day.

Wherever we go, we are surrounded by pollution all the time. Parks and gardens were our little escapes to relax, but they too are occupied with people most of the time. So what do we do?

Well, here is the answer – a small home garden!

“Home garden connects you with the ground and relaxes you,” said Shivani Dogra, an Interior Designer.

A home garden is in trend not just because it makes our homes beautiful, but it can also have many benefits that you are not aware of. Dogra says, “A home garden can be just a small space in your home. It does not have to be too large. That space will be nothing short of beautiful and I think anything which is of beauty is uplifting. A home garden beautifies your home.”

Dogra says that especially in a city like Delhi, where you're dealing with traffic, noise, pollution, and construction almost all the time, home gardens are really important to have. Tired and exhausted, when a person gets back home, there will be a place where you can connect with nature. If there are plants, the birds will come around too and there can be a little private space for a person to relax with nature.

“I have seen people who want to maximise the space in the house into green spaces. This is quite common. There is clearly a requirement for a home garden because it is natural. We see clients coming to us asking for more green space rather than spaces made of glass, that is borrowed from another culture. People want more natural houses than artificial houses.”

Dogra recommended some of the easy-to-maintain plants. They are:

  • Areca Palm
  • Palm Plant
  • Fan Palm

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These plants require some amount of sunlight.

  • Money plant (low maintenance)
  • Mother-In-Law Tongue Plant (really good for polluted places)
  • Cacti (easy to maintain)

It is always a good idea to place the home garden plants in front of a window, where there is direct sunlight. But some of the plants need some shade too. So just check the requirements of the plant.

Some of the palm plants need the right amount of shade and sunlight. Cacti also needs to be kept in a shaded area. Money plants can be kept anywhere in the house but not in too dark areas.

Dogra said, “For people living in apartments, plants can be kept depending on the sunlight that gets inside the flat. Placing plants indoors depends on the sunlight and the ventilation.”

“I do think plants purify the house. I believe that when I am decorating a space, I want to see some living aspects in that space. I think plants are the answer to this question. Plants not only add aesthetics to the space but are actually life in that space. In my opinion, space is dead without plants,” she added.

Maintenance of indoor plants

Dogra suggested some ways to maintain your indoor plants:

  • If you do not want a planter, buy a plant stand. Stand is a practical idea because whenever you water the plants, you do not want the water to float on the floor.
  • If you want to buy planters, look for planters of jute, wooden, concrete and ceramic. You just need to put the plants in the planter and it will protect the floor and will not make the house messy.
  • Aim to keep more eco-friendly planters in the home.
  • Terracotta and ceramic plant pots are good options.
  • Brass planter is a good option.
  • Citronella sticks prevent the insects attracted to plants from coming inside the house.
  • Always remember that some plants like Areca plants need more care. They need to be taken out on the balcony in two to three days and then to be brought back. Money plants require watering once a day.

Well, now we think you’re all ready to have your own home garden where you can escape whenever you want!