Chlorella and a sea of health benefits
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Chlorella and a sea of health benefits

It boosts immunity and helps in fighting cancer and Hepatitis C.

Chlorella and a sea of health benefits

Chlorella is a bright green alga that grows in freshwater. It is used as medicine and a nutrient for its many health benefits. It consists of 50% protein and has many uncountable health benefits. It is rich in iron, fibre, complex carbohydrates, and antioxidants like lutein and vitamin C.

This alga provides a wide range of antioxidants one of which is carotenoid, an antioxidant that can help lower the risk of heart disease.
This contains omega-3s. 3 grams of chlorella delivers 100 mg of omega-3s.

Chlorella contains 50-60% of protein and all nine essential amino acids.
Chlorella contains small amounts of magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, folic acid and other B vitamins. It boosts immunity and helps in fighting cancer, respiratory diseases and Hepatitis C.

Here are some medical benefits of Chlorella-

Reduces blood pressure

Chlorella supplements could help promote heart and kidney health, which is essential for normal blood pressure. In a study cited by the Healthline website, people with mildly high blood pressure took four grams of chlorella daily for 12 weeks. By the end, these people had lower blood pressure readings.

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Chlorella can help boost immunity and promote the detoxification of cells. These properties translate to a plethora of potential benefits, including the prevention or treatment of diseases like Cancer, Cold, Constipation, High blood pressure, Inflammatory bowel disease, and Cholesterol.

Hepatitis C

It can help in chronic hepatitis C infection by reducing levels of liver inflammation. But it did not alter the hepatitis C viral load, meaning that chlorella reduced the inflammatory symptoms of the liver disease but did nothing to treat the underlying infection.

Pregnancy complications

According to the Healthline website, Chlorella can help in reducing the risk of a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication known as preeclampsia. Chlorella is also a safe natural source of folate, vitamin B-12, and iron, particularly important during pregnancy.


Chlorella may exert anti-tumour properties that may one day lead to the development of novel anti-cancer drugs. While there is no proof that chlorella can prevent or treat cancer, it does suggest it may have a protective effect worthy of further investigation.

How to include chlorella in your diet?

We can use it as a supplementary drink during breakfast by just following the dosing instructions as chlorella is typically found in powder format, tablets or capsules, or as an extract. If you have chlorella in powder format. Then add it to your smoothies,  or if you are having some soup then add it to that because chlorella has some vegetal flavour and will mix with the soup. Make sure to consult a physicist before consuming chlorella to avoid side effects.