Greno West: Parents polish boot to protest against school fee hike
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Greno West: Parents polish boot to protest against school fee hike

Parents say such hikes would bring them on the road

Greno West: Parents polish boot to protest against school fee hike

Greater Noida West: NEFOWA and members of the NCR Parents Association protested against the alleged arbitrary hike in school fees on Sunday, April 17, 2022, at 9:30 am by polishing boots near Ekamurti in Greno West.

As gathered by parents, all private schools in Noida have increased the tuition fees, and then the bus fees. This, according to parents is against the 'School Fee Regulation Act' implemented a few years ago. The parents say after Covid, it was already difficult for them to meet the financial ends of the family, and given the arbitrary increase in school fees, it is proving difficult to educate their children. The symbolic protest was staged to drive home that such an increase in school fees would bring them on the roads.

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Abhishek Kumar, President, Nefowa says, "Arbitrariness of schools is not ending. During the first wave, when the announcement of waiving school fees in private schools was announced in many states, a similar announcement was expected in Uttar Pradesh. But in the end, the reach of the school mafia proved to be much above the pain of the general public and the school fee waiver remained a dream. The schools collected the full fees from parents despite running online classes, while the school's by-laws say 'no profit, no loss'.

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Hundreds of parents including chartered Accountants and engineers took part in the protest. Vikash Katiyar, Sukhpal Singh, Manish Kumar, Abhishek Kumar, Vijay Srivastava, Rohan Bhagat, DK Sinha and other members took part in this symbolic protest. The money received by polishing the boot would be handed over to the DM soon.

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Parents appealed to the Chief Minister that the increased fees should be withdrawn and the children should get the right to education at minimum fees.

Manish Kumar, a parent says, "Living and surviving after Covid is itself challenging. Then schools are increasing fees day by day. Is it fair? The schools have become like a parasite simply feeding on our hard-earned money. I do not think there is any parent here who would take their children out of school because of the fees. The schools seem to be taking advantage of this."

Sukhpal Singh Toor, President, NCR Parents Association says, "The district administration does not take any action against the schools. Schools earn a lot by selling privately published books, stationery and uniform forms in schools. Bus fares have increased a lot. Along with that, ignoring the sufferings of the general public, the order to increase the fees from the government is unbearable. It seems as if the government has given up in front of the school mafias."

Vikash Katiyar, General Secretary of NCR Parents Association, says, "Some schools have increased the fees by adding the building fee to the tuition fee. Every day's necessities items have become expensive already, the entire budget of the common man's house has been spoiled and the fee hike will further break his back."

Rohan Bhagat, Secretary, Nefowa says, "I m a resident of Panchsheel Hynish and my wife gives tuition to more than 30 kids. I am in touch with those 30 parents and everyone is upset with this hike in fees. I want to ask why will we pay quarterly fees in advance knowing that May and June are holidays. Schools are asking for three months' advance payment for the bus too. One can only imagine the idiocy. When the children are at home, why should we pay for transport fees?"