7 best places to eat delicious Kulfi-Falooda in Delhi
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7 best places to eat delicious Kulfi-Falooda in Delhi

This summer delight can make you fall in love with it at first glance.

7 best places to eat delicious Kulfi-Falooda in Delhi

Kulfi Falooda, one could simply picture the summer fading the instant you hear these two words. This summer delight can make you fall in love with it at first glance. Cool and creamy kulfi served with falooda, scented with rose syrup, isn't it exactly what we need during the hot summer months. Fret not Delhiites, you can enjoy the delicious taste of this cool and sweet dessert at several places in Delhi.

We have compiled a list of places where you can go and eat this sweet treat-

Roshan Di Kulfi

Credit: SoCity

This place has been serving for almost 50 years and will continue to serve the tastiest Kulfi falooda in town. They serve three delicious kulfi flavours Mango, Paan and kesar badam pista, covered with delicious falooda. If you're a healthy eater but can't survive without this treat, you can also order a sugar-free option.
Location: Karol Bagh
Price: Rs 115

Krishna Di Kulfi

Credit: TripAdvisor 

Krishna di Kulfi offers 23 other kulfi varieties. When you see that saffron-flavoured kulfi covered with treacle-and-syrup-dripping falooda, you will surely stop thinking about the hot weather.
Location: Pandara Road
Price: Rs 100

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Moets Kulfi Kiosk

Although the Moets trademark has been serving this sweet and cool dessert for years, its kulfi kiosk has just gotten the popularity it deserves. Flavored falooda, you can choose your flavour from kesar, pista, mango, and a regular plain one and also eat sugar-free kulfis. Their delicious flavourful kulfi falooda is a great relief in the summertime.
Location: Defence Colony and Greater Kailash
Price: 100 Rs

Kings Kulfi

Credit: Justdial

This place has special royal ice cream faloodas that are not only delicious but also pocket friendly. All your worries will vanish just by looking at this fresh falooda. Their kulfi falooda comes in a variety of flavours, including plain kulfi falooda, kulfi rabdi falooda, royal ice cream falooda, and others. Try their delectable Fruit Sundae as well.
Location: Dwarka sector-12
Price: 60 Rs Onwards

Giani’s di Hatti

Credit: India Eat Mania 

The luscious faloodas prepared here are truly delectable. This is Delhi's most famous spot, famous for its speciality faloodas. A long queue of people waiting for a glass of creamy, tasty, and cool rabdi falooda.
Location: Chandini Chowk
Price: Rs 100

Standard Ice Cream

Credit: Justdial 

This ice cream shop offers four different types of faloodas at reasonable prices. Rabdi Falooda, Kulfi Falooda, Ice Cream Falooda, and Kulfi Rabdi Mix Falooda are among the favourite flavours of their customers. The simple kulfi of the shop is equally delectable.
Location: Jail Road
Price: Rs 50 Onwards

Mehta Restaurants

Credit: Zomato

This stands among the oldest chole bhature restaurants in Delhi, but they also serve delicious kulfi faloodas. You can try their Kulfi and Rabdi Falooda in this hot weather. The falooda of this place is very popular among nearby residents and regular customers.
Location: Daryaganj
Price: Rs 100