Korean hairstyles to try in 2022
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Korean hairstyles to try in 2022

Swap your heavy bangs for a wispy/minimal fringe like Kim Jennie of Blackpink

Korean hairstyles to try in 2022

Koreans are the best at everything, from daring dye jobs beyond the classical dark hues to head-turning perms. If you've been looking for reasons to alter your hairstyle, look no further. We gathered the best  Korean hair trends that are making waves in Korea, from pixie cuts to an ash pink hue that is sure to take over your feed.

Ash pink hue

Credit: Daily vanity

With summer vacation quickly approaching, why not follow in the footsteps of Korean hair trends and get in the mood for cherry blossoms by dying your hair ash pink? We won't hold it against you if you have it all year. It's a subtle colour that pops, but it won't overpower your overall look.

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Credit: Pinterest

Soft perms are in for 2022, whether they're Korean or not. It adds volume to your hair and can also be used to frame your face. These are one of the most trendy hairstyles among stars and Korean girls.

See-through bangs

Credit: Pinterest

Swap your heavy bangs for a wispy/minimal fringe like Kim Jennie of  Blackpink. Because see-through bangs work with both blunt fringe and short, asymmetrical ends, the baby bangs trend is a big hit with  Korean celebrities.

Face-framing layers

Credit: Hadvisor

As seen on Red Velvet's Joy, this hairstyle involves cutting your hair in different lengths to define and frame your features. If you want to give the appearance of a slimmer, sharper face, request long,  face-framing layers that begin just below the chin.

Pixie cut

Credit: Femalemag

It may appear to be a drastic cut, particularly if you've never had your hair this short before, but it's a sleek style that's quick and easy to wash and style. This style is best suited for women with small faces and long necks, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try it if you don't meet these criteria.

Variations of this style include heavily layered hair at the crown,  textured bangs, etc. It's also an excellent look for hot weather because it allows your neck to breathe and enjoy the breeze.

Milk tea brown

Credit: Daily vanity

This is the best option if you intend to go for blonde or platinum highlights shortly. Look to Ningningh or Blackpink member Jisoo's dye jobs if you're looking for a warm-toned look.