Met Gala 2022: The best dressed celebrities!
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Met Gala 2022: The best dressed celebrities!

This year's theme was 'Gilded Glamour'. Let's see who understood the assignment.

Met Gala 2022: The best dressed celebrities!

The ultimate festival of fashion, Met Gala 2022 is here, and there is so much to unwrap, from the guest list to the who wore what.

After several pandemic-related postponements, the 'fashion prom' took place on the first Monday of May 2022.

This year's theme was 'Gilded Glamour', a concept that allows for a wide range of interpretations and draws inspiration from New York's Gilded Age when excess and grandiosity defined both the fashion of the decades.

While everyone may have their favourites, here are our picks of this year's best dressed celebrities-

Kim Kardashian

Credit: Page6

How can we forget Kims's last year's all-black look which went on to become a meme material for 2021. However, her look for this year's gala was nothing short of spectacular. Nodding to the night's "In America" theme  differently, the reality star paid homage to Marilyn Monroe in the exact dress the blond bombshell star wore to sing 'Happy Birthday, Mr President' to John F. Kennedy in 1962. As the multimillion-dollar museum piece couldn't be tailored, Kardashian lost 16 pounds in three weeks to fit into the historic garment — and even dyed her hair platinum to fully embody the 'Some Like It Hot' star. Now that's commitment.

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Blake Lively

Credit: CNN

She never fails to impress us with her mind-blowing looks at every met gala. This year, her Atelier Versace look included an Empire State Building-inspired Art Deco bodice and a tiara and skirt that nodded to the Statue of Liberty. The transformation of her dress was another sight to behold. The train was even embroidered with the constellations painted on the Grand Central Station ceiling.

Ryan Reynolds

Credit: People

Complementing his wife, Ryan Reynolds wore a chocolate brown velvet suit that was simple but elegant. He managed to look dashing and along with Blake, they both understood the assignment.

Alicia Keys

Credit: Dailymail

With her gleaming silver Ralph Lauren gown and sweeping cape featuring the Manhattan skyline rendered in crystals, the "Empire State of Mind" singer represented the concrete jungle where dreams are made. Let's raise our glasses to New York, New York, New York!

Kaia Gerber

Credit: Harper's bazaar

We'll admit that Kaia Gerber's hair is doing most of the work in this ensemble, but the exploding curls and tarnished silver Alexander McQueen gown are a match made in heaven.

Simone Ashley

Credit: PinkVilla

Simone Ashley, the Bridgerton star, has accomplished to make a statement with her Met Gala debut with this bronze bustier. Ashley stole all the limelight with her expertly styled wet waves and a hip-hugging satin skirt.

Shawn Mendes

Credit: US Weekly

Shawn Mendes returned to the Met Gala red carpet, channeling the Gilded Glamour theme with a classic early 1900s look.

Mendes wore a red and navy Tommy Hilfiger coat with his initials embroidered on the inner lining as he walked the carpet. Later, he took off the coat to reveal a sleek navy suit, which he finished off with a matching turtleneck and nail polish. He is definitely giving us some major Bridgerton deja vu of Anthony; perhaps it looks like he has come to pick her viscountess.

Taylor Hill

Credit: Seventeen Magazine

We adore trails! However, given that the Met Gala is always brimming  with grandiose trains, having some extra oomph in the design  department comes in handy. We hope no one stepped on Taylor Hill's stunning floral embroidered gown.

Hailey Bieber

Credit: US Weekly

Hailey is known for her simplicity. This Saint Laurent look on Hailey Bieber is simply angelic, and it feels playful without  being tacky. The supermodel is becoming known for her simple silk gowns on the red carpet, but this one was particularly flattering.

Jodie Turner-Smith

Credit: Insider

Never underestimate Jodie Turner Smith's power on the red carpet, especially if the occasion calls for something extravagant. The  actress looked like something from a heavenly vision, with trailing pink tulle strips and cascading crystals.

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