Shikha Chopra, a mompreneur who calls her mom her hero
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Shikha Chopra, a mompreneur who calls her mom her hero

Shikha tells that during her childhood, her family was always very supportive

Shikha Chopra, a mompreneur who calls her mom her hero

Shikha Chopra, a resident of Supertech Capetown, Sector 74, Noida, runs a business of toys and other gifts. However, apart from being an entrepreneur, she is also a mother of two. Her son is six years old while daughter is only one. Shikha is a perfect example for budding mompreneurs on how to juggle between kids and career. 

Shikha was not always inclined to do business. Earlier, she worked in several MNCs as a manager. However, after the birth of her children, she decided to quit her corporate job to take care of her children. It was then she decided to run a business which she could manage from home, without having to compromise on her kids. 

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Shikha tells that it isn’t easy to run a toy business especially when you have two such young kids who want everything to themselves. However, with time, her kids, especially her 6 years old son, have started to understand their mother’s business and even lend her a helping hand. 

Shikha tells that during her childhood, her family was always very supportive and that’s how she plans to raise her kids as well. She says that she feels lucky to have a loving and supporting husband as well. 
While talking about how her son helps her, she says, “My son is just six but he offers to help me with taking taking care of his sister when I am busy. He even helps in conduct Facebook lives and arranging products to be delivered.” 

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However, it’s not always rainbows and unicorns for her. As every working mother, Shikha also has to deal with guilt while juggling between her business and taking care of her kids. She says, “It becomes a little difficult for me sometimes to balance. My son tries to help me but still, it gets a bit hectic. Because my daughter is very young, I have to be there to take care of her. Motherhood is a very special thing. I start my day with kids but when they sleep, I generally wake up till midnight packing couriers.”

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Shikha credits her resilience and her dedication to her mother. Shikha’s mother raised her a single parent and witnessing her mother’s struggles is what has made Shikha so brave. 
She tells, “My mother left home at 8 am for three jobs and returned at 9 pm. The time she would return home, she used to be extremely exhausted, still she made it a point to cook food for me and feed me. I remember how she used to smile when she saw me happy.”

Shikha’s mother has also taught her to live with dignity. She tells, “My mother has taught me to never compromise on fun. She even encouraged me to take some time out for myself from the humdrums of daily life managing kids and career.”

Growing up, even though Shikha was always a bright child, she has had her own shares of struggles, especially with her mom being a single mother. She tells, “Today when I earn something, I feel very delighted and I am particular about how I spend my hard earned money. I remember how our mother used to earn for us and that has certainly taught me a thing or two about the importance of money.” 

While talking about the mother’s day preparations, Shikha tells, “My son is very busy with planning something for Mother’s Day preparations. He is preparing a greeting card for me to surprise me but I already know that. I’ll still act surprised though.”