The most common mistakes people make when purchasing a smartphone
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The most common mistakes people make when purchasing a smartphone

Consumers who do not understand their needs sometimes choose incorrect devices

The most common mistakes people make when purchasing a smartphone

There is no denying that smartphone sales have surpassed previous records. With their unique features, the devices have successfully drawn the attention of many users on a larger scale, regardless of different categories. Despite all of the good that these smartphones provide, there are some significant issues that everyday users face.  There are a few more major blunders that we've listed below. These facts will undoubtedly open your eyes before you make any mistake when purchasing a smartphone.

Do not get caught up in the Android vs iPhone debate. Many people are perplexed by the differences between Android smartphones and iPhones. Both are platforms, but their foundations are different. The iPhone emphasizes simplicity and privacy, whereas the Android emphasizes flexibility and control. Only Android gives you the freedom to choose form factors, customizable options, and different price points.

Understand your needs
Consumers who do not understand their needs sometimes choose the incorrect devices, which later prove costly. A small screen or poor performance will ruin your experience if you enjoy games. Similarly, selecting a phone with short battery life can put you in a difficult 
the situation when away from home. As a result, when purchasing a new phone, consider what best suits your needs.

Look for experience over the price of a phone
Regardless of what brands claim, the experience determines whether a  phone is worthwhile to purchase. I recently received a message from a  reader who expressed regret about overpaying Rs 45,000 for a phone  that keeps hanging. Some people are okay with spending over a lakh on the phone. Others disagree. However, there is no link between the happiness you get from a phone that costs less than Rs 20,000 and phones that cost more than Rs 50,000. To put it another way, high-end phones do not always satisfy everyone. You can get a phone for Rs  25,000 and have the best experience possible based on your needs the choice is yours.

Not knowing when to purchase a smartphone
Although new smartphones are released throughout the year, there is a specific time to purchase them. Confused? Allow me to explain. In September, Apple, for example, will release new iPhones. So buying a new iPhone between July and August is terrible because new models will be released soon, and existing models will be discontinued or sold at a discount. If you want an older iPhone model, Apple sells them at a significant discount once the new iPhone is released. Year-end and holiday seasons are among the best times for manufacturers and retailers to offer substantial discounts. 

Commercials on television may not reveal everything
The most extensive disguise in the name of a phone is television commercials. These commercials, with their high-definition videos,  only discuss the highlighted features. These commercials frequently feature celebrities discussing a specific segment. Users are commonly seduced by such charms and purchase them without understanding the additional details that commercials never show. So, avoid such situations by gathering as much information as possible before buying a phone.

The company may have exaggerated the build quality
A few mobile phone companies only talk about their unique feature, which has aided in the purchase of phones. People's problem is that they blindly follow brands without looking for alternatives. As a result, read the detailed reviews before purchasing any device and make an informed decision.

Don't just think about the size of the display 
External beauty alone is insufficient to define a person's qualities. Similarly, the larger immersive display size should not take precedence over other critical features. If you want to play your favourite games, you must first determine whether the processor is powerful enough. There are also other factors to think about.