Delhi on its way to become a global filmmaking destination
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Delhi on its way to become a global filmmaking destination

Manish Sisodia says, “Delhi Film Policy 2022 will create employment and economic development"

Delhi on its way to become a global filmmaking destination

New Delhi: The national capital with its perfect blend of tradition and modernity, and cosmopolitan culture has long been a muse for filmmakers. Many movies and songs have been shot here. Some of the films that have been shot here are Tamasha, Lakshya, Rockstar and Piku. Boosting this, the Delhi government has launched a policy to make the city a global destination for filmmaking.

To make Delhi a global destination for film production and attract tourism, the Delhi Government on May 13, 2022, launched the ‘Delhi Film Policy 2022’. The policy includes measures to promote Delhi as a film tourism destination facilities and infrastructure related to film production will be developed in the national capital. The Delhi Film Policy is aimed at making Delhi a global brand, recognizing Delhi as a global destination for film production, promoting tourism and creating new employment opportunities, promoting Delhi's Art-Culture through films and boosting the economy of the national capital.

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Under this, a film shooting promotion cell will be set up in Delhi. Apart from this, a development cell and film advisory body will also be formed to promote film production in Delhi. Here the Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation (DTTDC) will act as the nodal agency in coordination with all the stakeholders and film production agencies of the state.

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While launching the policy, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said, “Delhi Film Policy 2022 will create employment and economic development opportunities in Delhi along with attracting tourism to the national capital. The policy will help Delhi evolve as a brand, with more coverage on the silver screen and will instill a sense of pride among the people of Delhi. The policy will bring together the entire world of hospitality, tourism, transport, cinema and artists."

Manish Sisodia informed that the Government will also give subsidies to the filmmakers for film production in Delhi and would also encourage local people to be hired in the film industry. Under this policy, a complete single window e-clearance portal will be set up where filmmakers will get the required approval from more than 25 agencies in just 15 days through an online process. Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) will be the nodal agency for implementing this policy and services.

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To attract filmmakers, the Delhi government has prepared a complete online single window e-clearance system. The filmmakers will get all the approvals related to film shooting online within 15 days. If any filmmaker wants approval before 15 days, then he will have to pay a premium fee. Earlier, filmmakers had to get approval from 25 different agencies for shooting a film in the city, which took a lot of time.

Subsidies will be decided based on the point system which includes points on a film location, branding of the location in Delhi, involvement of local artists in the film crew and support staff, expenses during pre-production, production and post-production of the film in Delhi. The government has allocated Rs 30 crore for the Delhi Film Fund which will help in branding Delhi as a national and international tourist destination from the point of view of film promotion.

Apart from this, filmmakers and production agencies will get a 'Delhi Film Card' which will be valued at Rs.1 lakh to avail of special deals and packages in the city. Under the policy, tourism and hospitality companies will be empanelled with the tourism department. Delhi Film Cardholders will get discounts on facilities like travel within Delhi, logistics, hotels, etc.

Special features of Policy- Delhi International Film Festival and Delhi Film Excellence Award

The Delhi International Film Festival and the Delhi Film Excellence Award are special features of the government's film policy. Under this, Delhi will soon have its own International Film Festival and Delhi Film Excellence Awards will also be started in which not only the film stars but also the crew members will be honoured. The government wants to make the Delhi International Film Festival as spectacular as the Cannes Film Festival. For this, a delegation of DTTDC will go to the upcoming Cannes Film Festival and take experience from there to prepare the outline of the Delhi International Film Festival.

New website of DTTDC

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DTTDC has created a new official website which is more user friendly. It has added unique features to explore Delhi such as ‘Unexplored Delhi’; Entertainment & Fun in Delhi; Delhi for Kids, Delhi Delicious; Food Tours; Shopping in Delhi; Biodiversity Parks; Festivals in Delhi; Travel within Delhi, Stay in Delhi; Health Walks along with e-film clearance system.

Access to the film policy is available via the upgraded website of DTTDC at