Immense benefits of alum
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Immense benefits of alum

Alum helps to keep your gums healthy and fight the cavities

Immense benefits of alum

Alum, famously and indigenously called fitkari, is believed to have several health benefits apart from just being an aftershave. Alum is supposed to be beneficial for several treatments including some skin related issues or even in cooking. Alum contains aluminium which is considered to be having antibacterial and anti-fungal properties in it.

Some benefits of alum include:

Use Alum after shaving

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Alum is famously used as an aftershave as it helps to prevent bacteria growth and reduce inflammation. It also works wonderfully for after shave rashes. Alum helps to stop the bleeding from the shaving cuts and helps to heal the skin instantly and make it glowy naturally. It also helps to tighten the skin.

Help to keep your gum healthy and fight against cavity

Alum powder is a powerful ingredient which keeps your gum healthy and fights the cavities. All you need is some powder of alum, a pinch of cinnamon powder and add a pinch of rock salt. Make a paste of it by adding water then gently massage on your gums and then wash it off

Alum works wonders for bad breath

Bad breath is caused due to the formation of bacteria in the mouth. For this problem, all we need is 1/2 tsp of alum powder and a pinch of rock salt. Add these things in a glass of warm water, and dissolve them properly. Rinse your mouth with this for at least 5 minutes and do not try to drink this water as it might make you nauseous.

Use Alum as a water purifier

Alum was used as a water purifier in old times but slowly and gradually, as filters came into our lives, people stopped using alum for this purpose. You need to add a pinch of alum to the water and it helps to remove all the solid impurities from it. Once all the sediment is thrown away, then you can boil the water to kill the bacteria from it.

Alum is helpful for nose bleeding

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Nose bleeding is a common issue, especially during the summers. For this, you can mix alum in cold water and then soak a cotton ball in it, then put it on the bleeding side of the nose and hold it for 20 seconds. The bleeding will stop, however, remember not to block both your nostrils at the same time.

Antiperspirant deodorant

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Alum has antiperspirant properties which help to kill the bacteria and reduce the sweating in the underarm areas. It can also help to treat rashes and allergies and all skin related issues. For this, you can use the wet alum crystal block after a bath in your underarm which can help to reduce the formation of bacteria that cause the body odour.

Help to reduce the acne issue

Alum has astringent properties in it that can help to kill the bacteria and dry out the oily skin and the acne issues. Moreover, it helps to fade the marks of the acne and make the skin more glowing.