Noida cyclists talk about essential safety measures while riding
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Noida cyclists talk about essential safety measures while riding

Cyclists say it is better to cycle in groups

Noida cyclists talk about essential safety measures while riding

On the morning of May 17, 2022, half a dozen cyclists from Noida sector 137 got injured after being hit by a Canter truck at Noida-Greater Greater Expressway. The incident has started a discourse among the cycling community in Noida and Greater Noida.

After the incident, while some cyclists say that cycling on expressways can be risky, others say that Gautam Buddha Nagar (GBN) does not have adequate cycling infrastructure. All agree that it is essential for all cyclists to take certain safety measures while cycling in the city.

Bhawana Gaur, a Swag Group, who has experience of 2 years as a cyclist says, “We cycle for a good 15-20 km every day with our group. Certain safety tips must be followed by all cyclists. Some that we use are wearing good quality helmets with reflectors, using light indicators, and having head and tail lights on the cycle. Besides that, we use mostly service lanes for riding, keep ourselves in a single row, and make sure to control our speed. We select a riding route with lesser traffic. We never prefer to ride on highways. We cross the road we prefer to walk by bicycle while crossing the road. Most importantly, we do not use mobile while riding.”

Shipra Gupta, a member Swag Group who has started cycling as a lifestyle change in Noida says, “Cyclists should use cycle tracks only, as highways are not safe. Especially during the morning when truck drivers are sleepy."

Azeem Khan, a member of Greater Noida West Cycling Club (GNWCC) and having 1.5 years in cycling says “Being the leader of the GNWCC group, I provide cycling tips on WhatsApp to our riders, which they follow religiously. The main problem is that here there is no cycle infrastructure in Noida. The administration needs to wake up and construct safe cycling tracks for the cyclists."

Pankaj Walecha, Noida Extension Cycling Club (NECC), cycling for one year says, “My longest cycle ride till yet has been 400 Km. As a cyclist, we need to be visible at all times. Wearing a reflective vest and keeping backlights on help. Cyclists must avoid solo rides and try to ride with groups. Other safety measures are avoiding busy routes and expressways, keeping away from all distractions, and staying alert."

Manish Kumar, Senior Vice President NEFOWA, and Cyclist for the past 9 months says, “The so-called developed cities of Noida and Greater Noida lack cycling tracks which forces cyclists to consider the main roads for rides. Although the majority of cyclists ride with caution and mandatory safety measures such as helmets, we still urge cyclists to take extra precautions while riding on main roads and highways. Always have a red tail light, try to wear reflective jackets or bands, and ride on the left side of the road."

Shashi Bala, Noida Extension Cyclist Club (NECC) a cyclist having 1.5 years of experience says, “During my cycling life I've learned many things which every cyclist must follow. One of the basic prerequisites for your safety on a bicycle is its correct size. A very large or small bicycle will be difficult for you to handle. While riding in traffic, the most important is to use hand signals and understand those signals might not be understood by every driver. We should not pass other cyclists on the right and do not try to ride on the edge of the road.

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Priya Agarwal, Cyclist of Greater Noida West Cycling Club says, "Cycling is fun when we follow safety protocols and don't speed up unnecessarily. Try to go out cycling when and where there is less crowd, but make sure to go in groups for safety purposes. I think all cyclists must follow certain rules. Keep yourself well hydrated for smooth cycling. After every 20 minutes of riding take 1-2 sips of water. One must eat something before going for a ride to remain energetic."