Noida Community welcomes new traffic rules
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Noida Community welcomes new traffic rules

According to new rules, challan can be fined even after wearing a helmet

Noida Community welcomes new traffic rules

Noida: Everyone knows that you can be challaned if you are not wearing a helmet. However, according to the new rules, challan can be fined even after wearing a helmet. Under Rule 194D MVA, only BIS-certified helmets for two-wheelers are allowed to be manufactured and sold in the country. If you are wearing an inferior quality helmet or the helmet does not have the BIS registration mark (Bureau of Indian Standards), you will have to pay an additional challan of Rs 1,000. Along with this, a fine of Rs 2,000 will be imposed for driving in the wrong direction, crossing a red light despite wearing a helmet.

In the past, the Union Road Transport Ministry had also made changes to some rules keeping in mind the safety of children. Following are the rules for keeping child safety in mind.

While transporting children on two-wheelers, it will be mandatory for them to use special helmets and harness belts. The speed of vehicles has been fixed at 40 km per hour for travelling with children. Failure to comply with these rules can result in the suspension of the driver's driving license for 3 months along with a fine of Rs 1,000.

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We contacted Noida residents to know how they feel about the new traffic rules.

Helmetman Raghvendra Kumar says, “It is a good initiative of the government but more important is their implementation. Talking about helmet quality, a rule was made for helmet manufacturing companies in India. Here, if the company makes wrong(unsafe) helmets, then they will be fined ₹ 600,000 and those who sell the wrong helmet will be fined ₹ 200,000. But in the last 2 years, no shop was seized due to these rules. There was no implementation of this rule due to which helmets started being sold indiscriminately in the market again."

Brajesh Sharma, founder of 7x Welfare says,

“That's a good start for the safety of two-wheelers. During our road safety awareness campaign, we observed that 2 wheelers are either wearing a non-ISI helmet or an ISI helmet without a lock. This is a casual approach to riding on city roads. These are very small things in our daily life but very very important for safety. Hope with this new implementation, people get aware and make theirs and other's life safer."

Ranjana Suri Bhardwaj, Vice president of NEFOWA

says, “Challan is good Traffic rule. This is for our safety only, we all should welcome this. We should not think our money is getting wasted by paying challan. We should take it as a lesson for the future. We should be thankful to the Traffic department for adding this new rule as it would help make residents safe."

She continues, "Moreover, I think if the same person repeats the same mistake twice, he or she should be doubly fined. They should also be fined 5000 if they are seen using phones while riding or driving."

Amarjeet Singh, resident of 6th avenue, Gaur City says, “This is a good move by the government. Often many people wear helmets just for the sake of Challan. There is a risk to their life as well as that of the pillion so this is a welcome step. It will ensure that people wear a good quality helmet which can protect them in the unfortunate occurrence of accidents”

Azeem Khan, Resident of Nirala Estate says,

“This is an appreciable step. I completely respect this new traffic rule and it should be implemented immediately. Most peoples wear a helmet just for formality and to save themselves from being challaned. They do not think it is for their safety.
I have seen people wear cricket helmets and cycle helmets for motorcycles."

Manish Tripathi, Vice President- Bisrakh Mandal, Bhatiya Janta Yuva morcha says, “Wearing a good quality helmet becomes a necessity as it will protect the rider from life-threatening injuries. The rider should wear a helmet properly, straps should be locked so that it doesn't come out during an accident and thus reduce the chances of injuries."

Pankaj Gupta, Cyclist and Resident of Himalaya Pride says,

“It is the responsibility of the administration to ensure safety rules. We should give a helmet along with the challan so that he does not do such a thing again.”

Manish Kumar, Senior Vice President, NEFOWA, says, “It is very important from the point of view of road safety. For those who follow the rules, it does not matter whether the challan is 500 or 2000. Many people wear a cricket helmet, a construction site helmet or a local helmet (cap) worth Rs 100 in the name of a helmet to avoid challan. But people forget that if there is an accident then these temporary helmets will not save them.”

He adds, “Those selling duplicate helmets (without ISI mark) should also be cracked down. Helmets without ISI mark are available in 100-200 but do not provide protection.”

Then, some feel a fine of Rs 1000 for not wearing a helmet properly is a bit too much.

Pankaj Dwivedi, resident of SKA Greenarch says, “It is correct to put a helmet strap, but the challan of Rs 1000 is wrong. This way, the authorities can charge whoever they want and their revenue will also increase. Overall, to me, it seems like a good way to increase the revenue of the Delhi Traffic Police. And why are all rules just for two-wheeler riders? Why does no one question car drivers?"