Indirapuram continues to struggle with garbage issues
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Indirapuram continues to struggle with garbage issues

"I wonder how can there be a dump yard in the middle of residential societies."

Indirapuram continues to struggle with garbage issues

Indirapuram: The increased pressure of dumping garbage at Shakti Khand- 4, Indirapuram dump yard has made the life of area residents difficult. Residents share that garbage mounts at the dump yard have created a breeding ground for mosquitoes. In the absence of a solution for a proper location for garbage disposal, residents are frustrated with authorities and concerned about the health of their children.

The municipal dump yard in Indirapuram has been in use for the last seven years. After the shut down of the Raj Nagar extension dumping ground, the Ghaziabad authorities are unable to find any replacement. Authorities have been facing problems disposing of garbage in other parts of the city. Protests are also going on at Galand's dumping ground. The result is mounts of garbage at the Indirapuram dumping ground.

Residents mention that due to the paucity of space to dump garbage, heaps of garbage are now lying near their societies. Residents share that despite several complaints to the Municipal Corporation of Ghaziabad, no action has been taken.

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Kapil Tyagi, President of Divyansh Pratham Society, Indirapuram says, "There are many societies in Indirapuram such as Kailash Mansorvar that are located within one and a half kilometres of Indirapuram dump yard. Moreover, there is a large amount of garbage dumped around societies which poses a health risk to its inhabitants."

Residents further share that improper management of waste has also created air pollution. Kapil says, "Garbage trucks that collect waste from societies are left with no space to dump it. As a result, trucks remain stationed for hours. This has resulted in added air pollution in the area. Moreover, workers can be seen burning the garbage."

Kapil mentions that various societies have filed complaints regarding that problem in National Green Tribunal as well but no such action taken by them. Moreover, residents are trying to highlight their struggles regularly through their social media to draw authorities concerned.

Simratjeet Singh, another resident of the Divyansh Pratham Society says, "I wonder how can there be a dump yard in the middle of residential societies. Waste is being disposed of here daily resulting in a landfill. The landfill too is growing quickly and polluting the environment. Accumulation of waste can emit sulphur and other toxic gases that are degrading the atmosphere and can lead to serious disorders such as asthma. We are forced to keep windows closed at all times as the air is full of pollutants and fumes."