Noida: Residents of sector 168 demand administrative attention!
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Noida: Residents of sector 168 demand administrative attention!

Area has issues such as broken roads, lack of green cover and clogged drains.

Noida: Residents of sector 168 demand administrative attention!

Noida: The residents of 168 are demanding immediate attention from the Noida authority regarding the long-pending civic issues in the area. Residents say that area has issues such as broken roads, lack of green cover and clogged drains. They highlight that such issues can create problems ahead of monsoons.

Sumit Garg, a resident of Sunworld Arista, sector 168 says, “Noida Authority has been proactive in the overall development of Noida. However, when it comes to Sector 168, even the basic infrastructure facilities like internal roads especially in front of Golden Palms, Paras Seasons and Grand Arista are completely missing.”

Damaged roads

Residents say that roads are damaged in the area for a long time. They say that the condition of the road in front of Golden Palm, Paras Seasons and Sunworld Arista societies is worsening day by day. As gathered by residents, a stretch of approximately more than 500-meter from GH1 to GH D is broken. They allege that authorities only get temporary patchwork which has proven ineffective. Moreover, they insist that such a condition of roads causes many problems for them during the rainy season.

Puneet, a resident of Paras Seasons Society, sector 168 says, “We are eagerly waiting for the day when Noida Authority starts resurfacing. The sector needs attention and timely care which is missing at this point.”

Sumit Garg says, “Noida Authority has neglected the resurfacing of 8-year old internal roads. The roads are in such bad condition that the residents of Sector 168 are prone to fatal accidents. We are exhausted and the authorities seem uninterested despite several pleas and complaints by us."

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On the road issue, we contacted Roop Vashisht, Civil Engineer, Noida Authority, he says, "We are aware of this issue, as soon as the tender gets approved, the work will start then. We have visited this site and the work will start soon."

Mismanagement of green cover
Having green cover prevents runoffs and damage during excessive rainfall. Residents highlight the area does not ample trees and those which are there are also not maintained properly.

Ganesh Dutt Pandey, a resident of Paras Season says, “There are few trees in this area. The few trees that are there also dry up early as no one waters them. Moreover, the trees are exposed to cattle which further damages them. Apart from this, there is no timely pruning of the trees due to which the dry leaves keep falling in the stormwater drains resulting in a stench.

No park
Residents inform CitySpidey that in the absence of a dedicated park in the sector, a green area has been turned into one. Residents share that there is no boundary wall in the spaces, no lights, no benches and no dustbins.

Ganesh Dutt Pandey says for a long time, these 'parks' were left with construction debris, particularly rods. After sharing pictures with Authority, they were recently removed. However, residents allege that some of the rods are still left. They say that such a condition can be dangerous for children.

Puneet Kumar, a resident of Paras Seasons says, “When the Noida Authority makes a public park in every sector then why should we have to settle for a green cover as a park."

Clogged drains
Sector 168 residents share that stormwater drains remain clogged with dirt and polythenes. This creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mohan Singh Negi, resident of sector 168 says, “The drains have become so unsanitary that we have to cover our nose every time we pass by."

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We contacted Rishi Sharma, Health department, Noida authority he says, “We will clean the stormwater drains and will also get anti larva spray work done at the earliest."

We also reached out to Y. K. Harish, Health Inspector Noida Authority and asked him about the various issues of sector 168. He says, "I will get the cleaning work done very soon. We have noted the complaints of the sector 168 residents, and we will ease them soon."