Global Day of Parents: 5 ways to make your parents feel special
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Global Day of Parents: 5 ways to make your parents feel special

This day, plan a special outing just for your parents.

Global Day of Parents: 5 ways to make your parents feel special

Parents, like everyone else on the planet, need love and attention. They too deserve to be pampered sometimes. Throughout their life, parents make many sacrifices for their children. Although we love our parents, yet seldom, find time to express it. Soon after growing up, we are surrounded by studies, college, and later work.

There are many ways to express your love to your friends and partner. But how do you express your love to your parents? The answer is to make them feel special and more importantly, give them a day away from all other worries. Here are some options you can consider-

Plan a special day plan

Parents do their best to celebrate every occasion special for us. This Global Day of Parents, plan a special outing just for your parents. Book a table for them in a restaurant where they can have their favourite food. Make appointments and plan a spa day for your mom and dad. It’s very important to give your parents their space and some 'me time' where they can do what they like without worrying.

Engage in leisurely walks

Walks can be the perfect way to clear your thoughts, and engage in meaningful conversations. Talk to your parents about their childhood. Consider things from their point of view and try to comprehend where they're coming from. Their life experiences, as well as their decisions, differ from yours. Try to understand their perspective and learn from their rich experiences.

Cook for them

Nothing is better than to serve them the meal you cooked specially for them. You can surprise your parents will breakfast in bed and cook their favourite dishes for lunch or dinner. Take the help of your siblings in cooking, and make their day memorable. Also after having food, do chores and clean the kitchen.

Give them your full attention

Parents always complain that we do not give them time. This day, give them your full attention. Don’t use your phone if something urgent doesn’t come up. Listen and communicate while they speak. Spending quality time with your parents will make them happy and loved.

Gift them something from your salary or savings

Gifts picked with care and love are a lovely way to say 'thank you.' A personalized unique gift for them expresses your love and admiration for them, and if there is something useful like a keychain, journal, or wallet, they'll be reminded of it every time they use it.