Greater Noida West- NECC celebrates World Bicycle Day with a 45 km ride
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Greater Noida West- NECC celebrates World Bicycle Day with a 45 km ride

It's a World Bicycle Day.

Greater Noida West- NECC celebrates World Bicycle Day with a 45 km ride

Greater Noida West: On the eve of World Bicycle Day June 3, 2022, the Noida Extension Cyclist Club (NECC) a group of cyclists of Greater Noida West, organised a special 45 km ride. The enthusiasm of the cyclists can be gauzed by the fact that despite it being a weekday, 20 members made it to the cycle ride. Another pointer to the high spirits was the fact that even though it was a planned 45 km ride many riders did 55 km.


NECC cycling group, which came into existence 4 years back, organises this World Bicycle Day ride every year. The founder of the NECC is Shyam N Tripathi, a resident of Stellar Jeewan society. This time round the meeting point was decided as the Gaur chowk. The ride was flagged off at 05:05 am and all the riders returned safely by 7:20 am. The ride started from Greater Noida West, went to Mahamaya flyover followed by Noida gate and then back to Greater Noida West.

NECC Cyclists say that on that route, an underpass and overbridge, came in their way, which tested their energy levels. They also shoot the videos too to show the effort they were able to make going up and down. At the Noida gate, the riders took photos and videos for remembrance.

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Members of NECC team lay stress on drinking more fluids while on the ride so that you don’t get dehydrated while cycling. "To keep safe, always write an emergency contact number on the jersey, wear your sports specs and gloves and follow your group. Being a rider, we have to be alert and aware. About diet, we take good calcium-rich foods and fruits to maintain the energy level for the next day's ride.” says Pallavi Gupta, a cyclist member and a resident of Samridhi Grand Avenue.

NECC team also requested the Authority, to take care of the riders on the roads in view of last month's accident where a number of cyclists were hit on the DND highway by a motor vehicle.

We had a word with Ritesh Mishra, a resident of Stellar Jeewan society and a core member of the team, who has completed his cycling for 4100 kilometres in one year till 3rd June. Says he, “ This was the most important day for our community. We were preparing for the past two days. We planned the ride and requested that even being a weekday, we have to make it the best cycle ride day we had so far.  I never woke up so early in my life, since I have started cycling I regularly wake up at 4 am. Post my daily morning cycle ride I feel charged enough to face the daily challenges of life and remain active in the office. It keeps me stress-free, it is the best cardio, and it keeps me fresh and young. After seeing me, my friends and colleagues have got a lot of inspiration and now they keep asking me questions such as how to start cycling? And which cycle to purchase.” He continues, “On this world bicycle day, I woke up at 4 am, with an aim to make this day special."

Shashi Bala, NECC Cyclist for 1.5 years and a resident of Nirala Aspire Society says, “Every day is a Special day for riders like us. Our motive to cycle today was to make the common public more aware of cycling by setting an example. As this is the best transport that is also environmentally friendly, we asked the community to celebrate it not just as a world bicycle day but as the world environment day. Cycling will curb the other forms of transport which burn lots of diesel and patrol indirectly leading to a safer and greener place to live in. Why do we hesitate in cycling? In foreign countries, the Prime minters and bureaucrats are using cycles and not a fleet of cars. But here in India everyone is running behind the cars and then running on treadmills in the gym. The solution is a cycle. Nothing else will be needed”

She continues, “Cycling is for mental health too. People feel happy when they ride. It is the best medium to be yourself.”

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Cyclists who participated in the ride included Ritesh Mishra, Ankit, Pallavi Gupta, Shashi Bala, Manish Mann Mago, Faizal Abbas, Aman Khatri,  Rohit Chaudhary, Manish, Harsh Tiwari, Anuj Grewal, Somnath, Somnath - II, Anish Arora, Ankit Mani, Deepika, Uppal uncle, Rajiv Kumar, Pratibha and Avadhesh Sharma.