Urban Cyclist Dwarka: Cycling for fitness, Fun, and environment
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Urban Cyclist Dwarka: Cycling for fitness, Fun, and environment

The moto of their group is to ride for FITNESS AND FUN.

Urban Cyclist Dwarka: Cycling for fitness, Fun, and environment

Cycling has emerged as a promising habit in the Delhi-NCR area for the last few years. While some may think of cycling as a sport for kids and teens, many grownups have made it a part of their lives for the fitness and the fun aspect of it.

On World Bicycle Day, CitySpidey met a cycling group from Dwarka named ‘Urban Cyclist Dwarka’ to know more about their journey and their love for cycling.

Urban Cyclist Dwarka is a group of 60 members from Dwarka. Starting this journey in 2020, in a short span of time the members have come close and called the group 'a second home'. While some members joined to stay fit, some merely came in to explore new places and try new food. However, all agree that cycling has made their lives more flavourful. The motto of Urban cyclist Dwarka is to ride for FITNESS AND FUN and to make people aware of the importance of health and cycling. They emphasize that cycling can improve the health of the environment too.

Aradhana Das, from Dwarka sector 17 is the founder of the group. She started riding alone to explore different places in Dwarka in 2020. A few weeks later, her husband, Vineet Kumar, who is the co-founder of the group, accompanied her. Both of them love cycling and later they formed a group of all cycle lovers of Dwarka.

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Vineet Kumar and Aradhana Das​​​

Aradhana says, “I love cycling and because of daily life routine it left behind. However, in 2020, I started cycling again and my husband joined me. Slowly, our neighbours and friends started joining us. After a few months, in October 2020, we formed this group ‘Urban cyclist Dwarka'. We started with 6 people and now, we are a family of 60. Surely, the number will keep increasing.”

She further adds, “We ride in morning hours. If we plan to ride outside Delhi, we leave around 4:30 morning otherwise on regular days the time for a ride is 5:30 in the morning. We try to ride every day and on weekends we ride outside nearby areas of Delhi. This is my second family, we support each other, laugh together and have lots of fun.”

Vineet Kumar, Co-founder, Urban Cyclist Dwarka, resident of Dwarka sector 17 says, “I think this is the best decision we took. Cycling is good for our health and it is too much fun to ride with your group of friends. We explored many places of Dwarka, there are many unexplored places in Dwarka that we have witnessed by cycling. Once, We went to Bahadurgarh to eat the famous ‘Ballu ke Pakode’."

He further adds, “Besides, we are trying to create awareness on saving the environment and save soil among people with the collaborating with Isha foundation. Cycling is not only good for fitness and fun but helps in improving the state of the environment.”

Members of Urban Cyclists Dwarka also shared their story with CitySpidey. All of them are from Dwarka and nearby areas. They talked about their journey and what changes they feel after they started riding and joined this group.

Alok Gupta, who works in an Airline Company, a resident of Dwarka sector 13 says, “I joined this group one month ago and the reason behind it is my passion for cycling. I enjoy riding with them, cycling is good for the overall health of a person, and I like to be fit.”

Alok Gupta

HR Maurya works as a technician, resident of Dwarka sector 14 joined the group in October 2021 after his wife, also a member asked him. He says, "I enjoyed cycling from childhood but with jobs and responsibilities, we always forgot what we love. But when my wife encouraged me, I started riding again and loving it.”

HR Maurya

Shagun Maurya runs a makeup studio in Dwarka and is a resident of Dwarka sector 14. She says, “We have discovered many places in Dwarka such as Duck lane, Peacock Lane, and bother locations near Dwarka and nearby areas of Delhi. It’s very to look after your health because health is wealth.”

Shagun Maurya

Pratima Magoo, a homemaker, and resident of Dwarka Sector 7 says that it is very important for homemakers to give time to themselves just as they care for everyone. "Cycling is my passion and I love riding. This group is filled with positivity, fun, and fitness. In addition, the admins are caring and supportive. I love exploring new places and here with cycling, Cycling improves our physical health and good company of these people boost my mental health too. Through this group, I got a chance to live my dream of exploring new people and food too. Soon after I joined, I felt meri to lottery lag gayi."

Pratima Magoo

Sumit Kumar, working in a Tyre Industry, a resident of Najafgarh joined this group in November 2020. At that time Sumit was searching to do something, which can give him a break from daily life's hectic schedule, and make him fit. He says, “I’m a fitness freak but right now you can’t say this if you meet me a few months back. That is why I choose to join this group to shed some extra kilos and to be fit again. With a 9 to 5 job, it is difficult to take out a good amount of time for your health. I joined gym also but with fluctuating working hours it became difficult for me to follow it.”

Sumit kumar

Some people in the Urban Cyclists Group joined to have fun. It applies to one of the most fun-loving people of this group called Chander Thareja famously known as Mr. Lazy of the group. Chander Therja, a software engineer, and resident of Dwarka sector 3 say, “I’m only here to do lots of fun and masti, I’m not at all connected to health and fitness. I ride for fun and that is my only goal to stay happy. I love to eat and that is why during the rides we plan to go and eat something in Dwarka, Delhi or outside Delhi are my favourites. I enjoy cycling because of this group."

Chander Thareja

Kapil Bajaj, working in International Logistics, lives in Dwarka Mor says, “Cycling is the best way to stay fit. It feels great to meet these people who are so much fun. Anyway, our air is polluted, cycling in fresh morning air can be better than cycling inside the gym.”

Kapil Bajaj

Sunny Bhardwaj, working in an MNC, lives in Vikas Puri, says, "My reason behind joining this group is my 9 to 5 sitting job. Nothing more can spoil your health like a sitting job. Also, I’m a fitness freak, and my health matters to me the most. During the corona pandemic, what everyone is looking for is positivity and good health and this group has helped me with that."

Sunny Bhardwaj

Vishal Kumar, working in a home loan company, lives in Kapasera, says, “I love riding a bicycle and this is my passion. I wanted to make this my profession in the past time and things do not work out. So, I only joined this group for fitness and my passion for cycling.”

Vishal Kumar
All pictures credit: CitySpidey

Towards the end, Urban Cyclists Group gave some messages to the community on World Bicycle Day.

Aradhana Das, the founder of the group says, ”In meeting ends, we often ignore our health. Therefore, by riding, they will always be fit and fine. Everyone must cycle at least twice a week. Plus, it is also a step towards a pollution-free environment."