Noida gearing up for monsoon!
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Noida gearing up for monsoon!

Noida CEO has instructed to remove encroachment around the wetland near Sector 50

Noida gearing up for monsoon!

Noida: To stay prepared for the upcoming monsoons and the accompanying issue of water logging, recently, a meeting was called by the CEO of Noida Authority, Ritu Maheshwari. She has asked the officials of the water department to identify new places where water logging could happen and has directed them to report it by June 10.

After meeting with the officials, Ritu Maheshwari has also directed the concerned civil department to take effective action on the waterlogged area of ​​the DND flyover of Noida's Dalit Prerna Sthal and to take effective steps on the earlier identified waterlogged sites. In Sector 50, she has instructed the Irrigation Department to remove encroachment around the wetland. In addition, she has requested to improve the sanitation system at the site and to submit a report to ACEO, comparing the improvements in water quality after the construction of the wetland.

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Noida also receives its water from the Rainy Well built here. Instructions have been given to M/s WAPCOS organization to make sure that the progress of work on the creation of Rainy wells is in accordance with the projected date of completion. The Detail Progress Report (DPR) and the estimates of two new rainy wells are to be provided by June 30, 2022, DPR, the estimates of three rainy wells by July 31, 2022 and DPR and the estimates of three new Rainy wells by September 15, 2022.

Archana  Awasthi
Archana Awasthi
700 Days Ago
Please come and see area around Urbtech Hilston Sector 79.There is water logging everywhere inviting Dengue mosquitos and mass proliferation of diseases.