Grenowest- Mayfair residents protest against UP-RERA for alleged false report
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Grenowest- Mayfair residents protest against UP-RERA for alleged false report

Residents mention that the occupancy certificate/completion certificate has been cancelled

Grenowest- Mayfair residents protest against UP-RERA for alleged false report

The residents of Mayfair marched out on the streets of GrenoWest, on June 12, 2022, in protest not against the builder, but the UP-RERA team. Residents allege that UP RERA'S inspection report from March 2021 mentioning that the building does not have any problems is completely false. This was the 31st week of protest.

The residents of Mayfair have been protesting about the lack of basic facilities for a long time. They are protesting against the lack of clean water, security, and fair electricity charges. After protesting, they had expected that the UP-RERA team's inspection will highlight their issues.

UP- the RERA, in their March 2021 report gave the society a clean chit and said there are no loopholes in construction.


Residents mention that the occupancy certificate/completion certificate has been cancelled by the Greater Noida Authority in August 2021. Vivek S, a resident says that the builder knew that the OC and CC has been cancelled months before, still, he kept fighting in the RERA court. More importantly, UP RERA inspected the society but still neglected all the issues and gave a clean chit."

Residents, some of whom want to be anonymous, inform us that there is a total of 12 towers, each of 18 storeys out of which only 4 are ready, and 4 are under construction. Total 4 lifts are operational. The power keeps fluctuating and due to the long power cuts, the single lift also remains dysfunctional.

Moreover, residents mention that there are only two guards in the society and there is limited CCTV coverage in society. When CitySpidey visited the society, we saw that tin is being used as walls. The boundary wall is incomplete. Anyone can enter the premises. The boundary wall is incomplete.

Prateet Baijal, resident of Mayfair residency says, "This society comes under top 10 defaulters in Dadri tehsil. A society whose fire NOC has been cancelled, application of OC is cancelled, further many cases of fraud have been registered by Allahabad Bank and many other banks, 88crore is pending in Greater Noida authority was given a clean chit by UP RERA."

He continues, “UP-RERA has not been fair with us. This society is full of problems. There is a temporary connection of electricity, only 50 kV load, NOC and OC have been cancelled, water is dirty, only two towers have a tank which supplies water to 4 towers. We request Kalpana Mishra, UP- Rera chairman to take the action."

Ravi Choudhary, resident of Mayfair Residency says, “Builder and the team of UP RERA have joined hands together. There is not an ounce of fairness in this report. The sad part is that we have to suffer in this."

Vivek S, a resident of Mayfair residency says, “We are disappointed with the UP RERA inspection as they have mentioned that electrical work is complete on Page 5 - Point 17. We want them to refer to the electrical drawings uploaded on RERA's website and tell us where are the two transformers as mentioned in the electrical layout. A lot of evidences were falsified in the court which we will clarify and keep the truth to the concerned authorities by seeking the appropriate legal remedy and mechanism."

Residents allege that there is no grid, no STP but still, possession was offered to buyers of the first 4 towers of Mayfair Residency.

Ravi Kumar Chaudhary, Resident, Mayfair Residency says, “The connection here is not proper and it is temporary only. The builder got the 50 KVA connection for the construction purpose, but he is distributing the same 50 KVA in the towers. For two years, there has been no grid. Earlier he said that he will put two transformers of 2500 KVA and 1500 KVA."

Jyoti Singh, resident of Mayfair Residency says, “My mother-in-law is a patient and she remains on the oxygen concentrator. As the power was out the whole night, we had to admit her to the hospital.”

Residents allege that one can find lots of cobwebs in the tank. Sumit says, “How can we drink this kind of water which contains soil, cobwebs, dead birds in it?”

Residents allege that there is no proper fire safety in the Mayfair society. Residents allege that in April 2022, there was a fire in the electric shaft of the 4 towers in the society. Even after that, no proper arrangements were made. Sprinklers do not work properly. Similar fire incidences have been reported in Mayfair residency, the reason is a poor load of electricity, as per residents.

A resident on condition of anonymity informs that “The NOC of the society has been cancelled as the fire audit officers found loopholes in the fire safety. Most of the fire equipment is defunct."

Many residents allege that they were shown big dreams before moving in. However, now, they are deprived of basic facilities, have not been given a registry and the occupancy certificate has been cancelled. The residents are forced to protest for basic facilities.

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Varsha Singh says, “We are fighting for electricity and water every day, our expectations have fallen. Every month we have to pay high maintenance, plus GST."