Yadav ji ke special aloo paranthe, for the love of homecooked food
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Yadav ji ke special aloo paranthe, for the love of homecooked food

Yadav Ji serves 2 Aloo Paranthe and chole for just Rs 30

Yadav ji ke special aloo paranthe, for the love of homecooked food

Since childhood, our love for aloo parathas has only grown. Served with love by our family, most of us have fond memories of it. Among all breakfast, nothing can beat the goodness of soft potato stuffed parantha with an Indian spicy pickle. Yadav ji ke special paranthe, a famous stall near Wave city centre metro station is spreading this love in Noida.

This is one of the best places to have some yummy paranthas in the town. Even if you are low on budget and want to eat a simple healthy meal that can remind you of home, you must enjoy this meal which includes two Aloo parathas at just Rs 30. You can also enjoy boondi raita for Rs 10.

Every morning between 8 am-10 am, many office goers make sure to a few minutes early, simply to enjoy Yadav ji ke special paranthe for breakfast. Here, they make all the parathas from fresh ingredients. Popular as the best breakfast among the locals, their parathas are finished by 11 am.

Yadav Ji ke special Parathe Thela is run by two brothers Luv (18) and Dinesh (17) for the past 7 years. They start their day at 4 am and run their stall from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Just when the visitors arrive, they take their homemade doughs and fry them freshly in their large pan. Thereafter, serve with aloo sabji, chola, and raita. Apart from aloo parathas, their Chole Kulche, Allu Sbji, Rajma Allu, and Raita are also loved by many.

Both of them belong to the same village in the Budaun district of Uttar Pradesh. They came to Noida looking for a better livelihood. Luv Kumar, says, "We have been working here for the past 7 years. Our uncle used to sell parathas in Noida 20 years ago and he helped us to start our paratha corner here. My father is a farmer and does farming in the village. We are happy to serve the people and welcome over 250 people every single day to our stall."

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Daily visitors of Yadav Ji ke special paranthe say that the food at this stall is tasty yet not unhealthy. We met Rahul Prakash, a resident of sector-36, and a regular customer at the stall. He says, "I like to have the Aloo parathas with chole here. I never feel heavy after eating their Parantha which means they don't use any low-quality ingredients and yet serve 2 paranthas in 30. Also, I am also a fan of their boondi raita."