Noida gearing up for International Yoga Day, 2022
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Noida gearing up for International Yoga Day, 2022

The residents of Gaur City will celebrate Yoga Day in their society's stadium

Noida gearing up for International Yoga Day, 2022

Noida: As International Yoga Day is just around the corner, the societies of Noida and Greater Noida West are gearing up to celebrate the day with full fervour and zeal. With this year's theme of 'Yoga for Humanity', let us see how the residential societies are preparing themselves to celebrate the big day.

'JVCC Yoga For All' club will be celebrating International Yoga Day in the lawns of Jal Vayu Vihar community centre, Sector 21 Noida. At 6.30 am they will initiate the program by Shankhnaad followed by the loosening practice with breathing, sun salutations, common yoga protocols, yogGeets, laughter yoga and tea for everyone.

Narinder Mahajan, a member JVCC yoga club says, “Yoga adds days to your life and makes us more lively and active. We wish to see more people coming and doing yoga with us.”

Residents of Prateek Laurel Society, Sector 120 will be celebrating International Yoga Day in the Noida Authority Park. Residents of R.G. Residency, Amrapali Zodiac and other societies will participate together in the event. The timings will be from 6 am to 7.30 am. Residents of these three societies will do yoga together.

Residents of Express Zenith are all set to celebrate International Yoga Day with full enthusiasm in the central park of the society. At 6 in the morning, there will be a yoga session comprising of Surya Namaskar, asanas, pranayam and meditation.

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The residents of Gaur City will celebrate Yoga Day in their society's stadium in the morning, starting from 5.30 am till 8 am. The main attraction of the event will be Zumba warm-up, Yogasan by nationally accredited instructors, diet consultancy sessions, surya namaskar contest and free health checkups.

Anita Prajapati, Gaur City Yoga Volunteer says, “We celebrate International Yoga day every year. We are anticipating a large number of yoga lovers at our event. If you also want to come, please bring your yoga mat if you have, else we will provide it.”

In Greater Noida West, NEFOWA will be celebrating the International Yoga Day by doing yoga in front of the NEFOWA office. The program will start at 5:30 am in the green belt. It has been requested that all those who wish to participate shall bring their yoga mats. Abhishek Kumar, President, NEFOWA says, “We are preparing to make it the best yoga event ever. We will give a certificate to all those who will participate in this event.”

The residents of Nirala Aspire are celebrating the day with a yoga session in the central park of their society. Starting from 6.00 am, the event will last till 7:30 am. This will be a systematically planned yoga under the guidance of instructor HFO SC Mishra, a veteran Indian Air Force officer.

Rashmi Pandey, founder of EMCT (Ethomart Charitable Trust) informs CitySpidey that they will celebrate International Yoga Day in Gyanshala. Having seen everywhere that the timings are 6 am onwards, they have planned their event from 9.30 am to 11 am.
She says, "This Yoga session will be conducted by Anamika Saraswat, Vice president and Madhu Jain who is a Yoga acharya at Saptachakra Yoga Center. In this event, kids of 3-12 years age group will be able to learn gayatri mantra, short exercise, surya namaskar, vajra asana, bhujang and aarpa asana prayanam etc."