Strategic Royal Court: Residents grappling with several civic issues
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Strategic Royal Court: Residents grappling with several civic issues

Open drains, lack of patrolling, ill maintained green belt are some of the major concerns

Strategic Royal Court: Residents grappling with several civic issues

Greater Noida West: The residents of Strategic Royal Court 16B are grappling with several civic issues. Some of the prevalent issues include ill maintenance of green belt, open drains, lack of police patrolling among others.

Residents say that the green belt is left barren and no trees have been planted there. Because of this, a bank in the commercial market of the Strategic Royal Court premises has constructed a long ramp on the green belt for the easy movement of vehicles, which is illegal.

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Kunal Dhamija, a resident of Strategic Royal Court says, "Even after several complaints, nobody has turned out ever to take care of this green belt. The belt needs proper care. When we complain about the same to builder, he blames it on GNIDA and vice versa. What do we do?"

The residents allege that there is no proper drainage system in the society. Due to this, whenever it rains, the water gets accumulated. This further makes the movement of vehicles difficult and also aids mosquito breeding.

The residents also complain that as per the NGT norms, the construction material should remain inside the construction site premises. However, the construction material such as cement, concrete, fly ash bricks among others of Panchsheel Greens, which is under construction as of now, lies on the roads.

Tushar Jain, a resident of the Strategic Royal Court says, “A fine should be imposed by them. When we take out our vehicles, we are at risk because of the construction waste.”

Open drains are yet another issue in the society. Residents say that the open drains in front of the society are clogged by the garbage thrown by the residents. It also makes the area unhygienic. They say that the shopkeepers in the commercial complex of the society burn the garbage.

Amit Chouhan, a resident of Strategic Royal Court says, “Burning of garbage is a crime, we request the authorities to visit and impose fine on these shopkeepers. These open drains are full of live mosquitoes and other insects. We request anti larvae spray every week, and please clean the drains".

In response to this, Vaibhav Nagar, JE Health Department, Greater Noida Authority sent a team for the inspection on the morning of June 25, 2022. He said, "This is my prime duty to make residential area safe and clean. We reached the location and gopt the anti larvae spray done. Soon we will impose fines on those shopkeepers who are burning the garbage."

Further, residents have expressed their fear that there is no police patrolling around the society. They say that they have requested the police officials for the same but no action has been taken.

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Virendra Joshi, a resident of Strategic Royal Court says, "Police never comes this way for patrolling. We feel unsafe going out in dark."

On this, we contacted Sumit Kumar Yadav, Sub Inspector, Cherry County Chowki. He says, "We are taking care of every sector and every lane. Everything is under our control and we do not miss out on any place while patrolling."