Noida- Parthala flyover to be completed by August 2022
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Noida- Parthala flyover to be completed by August 2022

The Parthala flyover is expected to ease traffic for nearly 2 lakh commuters

Noida- Parthala flyover to be completed by August 2022

Many residents from Noida and Greater Noida were looking forward to the opening of the Parthala flyover which is also called the Signature Bridge of Noida. Looks like they would have to wait a little longer. An official from Noida Authority informs us that work on the Parthala flyover is still going on and will now be opened only in the middle of August 2022. The Noida Authority says that it is going to be a 'Rakshabandhan gift' from Noida Authority for the residents.

As gathered, the Parthala flyover is expected to ease traffic for nearly 2 lakh commuters on Noida and Greater Noida link road. Residents travelling from Greater Noida West to Gaur City chowk, towards city centre sector 34 will be able to drive or ride without any traffic signals. As gathered, nearly 18,000 vehicles travel on this road during peak hours.

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Mukesh Kumar, Senior Manager, Noida Authority says, "The Parthala Chowk will be a gift on the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan for the residents of Noida. The world has suffered a lot after the Covid phase. Everything has been affected including the construction of the Parthala Flyover." Talking about the current development, he says, "Currently, we are working on shifting the trees in the area. One side of the ramp has been completed, and the other side ramp is under construction, once the trees are shifted, we will start the construction in full swing and the project will be completed by mid-August."

Meanwhile, residents of Greater Noida West are taking to Twitter to ask when will the Parthala flyover be opened for public use. We talked to some of the residents from Noida and Greater Noida to know their views.

Anita Prajapati, resident of 6th Avenue, Gaur City says, “I was expecting that the Parthala Chowk flyover will be completed by June 23, 2022. After all, the work started 2 years ago. But the Authority has failed to deliver the promise. All projects near Kisan chowk are getting delayed now whether it is the Charmurti underpass or metro project. They expect residents to keep on waiting and deal with traffic jams."

Rashmi Panday, social activist, and resident of Saviour Greenarch, GrenoWest says, “People commuting between Noida and Greater Noida West face a lot of problems. After getting stuck in jam, the route is diverted, which again sees long queues. It takes more than half an hour to complete the route for a five-minute drive. It is a huge wastage of time and fuel."

Amarjeet Singh, Resident of 6th Avenue, Gaur City says, "I am a daily commuter to sector 63 and like me, many others travel from this stretch. Every day, we face bumper traffic jams. If the service road were widened, it would still have been a better situation but there seems to be a lack of planning from the side of Authority."

Kunal Dhamija, resident of Royal Court, GrenoWest says, “We are facing many problems because of the late construction of Parthala Flyover. We are forced to stand in long queues after a hectic office day. Many times, we do not even have water and we get stuck for hours. There are potholes on these roads due to which accidents have taken place. Apart from this, long jams cause air and noise pollution. Moreover, it is not only the office commuters who are suffering. What about ambulances and medical emergencies? Travelling on these roads can make us lose lives."

While some residents are hopeful that the work would finish soon. Manish Kumar, a resident of Supertech Ecovillage 1 and Senior VP, Nefowa says, “The completion of Parthala Flyover has extended its deadline. Work is still going on and we are hopeful that it will be complete in a month or two. At least, the case is not like GNIDA where officers are sleeping with approved plans for Charmurti Underpass and FOBs.”