Noida: 7X welfare group reviews traffic situation at Parthala flyover
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Noida: 7X welfare group reviews traffic situation at Parthala flyover

7X Welfare team conducted a campaign on road safety at the traffic corner near Parthala flyover

Noida: 7X welfare group reviews traffic situation at Parthala flyover

Noida: The ongoing construction of the Parthala flyover(said to be Noida's Signature Bridge) is continuing in full swing. Even though the traffic police have been trying to manage the vehicular traffic, the construction activity leads to traffic congestion during peak hours. As a result, commuters along with the authorities face many challenges here.

The 7X Welfare team this time conducted a campaign on road safety at the high traffic corner near the Parthala flyover in Noida, sector 120 on Sunday, April 3, 2022.

7X Welfare team under the aegis of Noida Traffic police and Noida Authority and with help of traffic volunteers made people aware of the traffic rules at the intersection near the Parthala flyover. People seen flouting traffic rules were stopped and counselled. Riders not wearing a helmet were advised, and those driving on the wrong side were guided in the road direction.

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In this safety, campaign, CP Mishra, Satya Prakash from the traffic department, traffic personnel present there and Mukesh Vaish got the support of the authority.

Along with this, after visiting the site of the Parthala flyover, the team tried to understand its work from Mukesh Vaish, senior manager of the Noida authority. Work at the 35-meter high column is currently underway.

Mukesh Vaish, senior Manager of Noida authority while talking to CitySpidey says, “The work on the Parthala flyover is being done as per the predetermined timeline. June 2022 was proposed and it will be ready by June."

Brajesh Sharma, founder of 7X welfare says, “Safety is necessary for everyone, whether it is the officer or the labourers engaged there or the general public who are walking on the road. Noida Authority Senior Manager Mukesh Vaish confirmed that a few barricades will be removed in the next 15 days which will surely help smoothen the flow of traffic.”

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Sumit Dubey, traffic volunteer says, “Today, we explained the importance of traffic rules to all violators and educated bike riders to tighten their helmet belts. Also, we visited the under-construction site of the Parthala flyover and tried to understand the timeline of project closure so that all barricading can be removed for smooth traffic flow.”

Talking about 7X Welfare, Mukesh Vaish from Noida Authority says, "7Xwelfare is doing appreciable work, even if one life is saved from their awareness then their every effort will be successful. Their way of instruction is so polite that I have seen people following them. Penalising and fines do not always pay off as much as constant reminders of road safety. Noida Authority appreciates their efforts."