As Delhi heat get unbearable, Delhiites await monsoon
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As Delhi heat get unbearable, Delhiites await monsoon

We asked the people of Delhi how are they braving the sweltering weather

As Delhi heat get unbearable, Delhiites await monsoon

Delhi: There is no respite for Delhiites from the scorching heat. The rising mercury along with humidity made for one of the most uncomfortable days in the national capital on June 28, 2022. Amidst all of this, Delhiites are waiting for the monsoon to arrive as a solace.

Like every year, Delhi will witness rains a little late this year too. Indian Meteorological Department announced on Tuesday that the Southwest monsoon would reach Delhi by July 1, 2022. IMD has also issued an orange alert predicting light to average rain with breezy winds on Thursday.

We asked the people of Delhi how are they braving the sweltering weather-

"Living in Delhi has become unbearable for me now", says Simran Sandhu, 25, working at a corporate office. She adds, "It has become so hot and humid in the past few days that working and travelling has become a hassle. I can not even breathe properly due to this scorching heat. I have to wait for the sun to go down so that we could go out. Air conditioners are kept on from day till night."

Although Simran is not a massive fan of monsoon, as she believes it also gets more humid after rainfall, Delhi is in enormous need of some showers.

Vaibhav Verma, 21, BBA final year student, says, "I am thankful as I  don't have to go to college due to my break. I am one of those who cannot handle summers. I don't step outside my house before sunset. I cannot wait for the monsoon; the weather has become intolerable, and there are chances that this will affect many people's health.

"I'm desperately waiting for monsoon," says Giti Bhatnagar, a resident of Dwarka. She adds "Not only me but all the Delhiites are fed up with Delhi's heat now. I think the monsoon will change the whole vibe of Delhi. The best part of the monsoon is that rain allows you to enjoy indoors and outdoors. I love going on long walks, and if you are home, you can have chai with pakodas and just enjoy watching the rain."

Ruchi Madan, 35, working at a media house says, "Monsoon is what we all are waiting for; Delhi's temperature is not only high but can also cause harm to our health."

She also told us that many people might experience worsening irritation and inability to focus or perform mental tasks, owing to the weather.

"I just hope monsoon arrives within 2-3 days and we get relief from such intense and humid weather. I cannot wait for my chai and pakodas to get ready to be eaten on my balcony while looking and hearing the rain shower," she added.

Sidhi Gupta, 19, a student, says, "As a person who has to travel daily by metro, travelling has become a problem in such extreme weather conditions of Delhi. The moment I step outside the metro, the heat hits me so hard, it gets unbearable. The stickiness, sweat and discomfort have become regular for me. Sometimes, I don't feel like going anywhere, not even to my college. I just cannot wait for the monsoon, so I can dance in the rain and enjoy."

Delhiites eagerly await the monsoon as it will shower the capital to calm the city's heatwaves and let its people enjoy their lost yearnings due to its high temperature.

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