Monsoon fashion must-haves!
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Monsoon fashion must-haves!

Cotton is the most dependable and secure fabric for monsoons

Monsoon fashion must-haves!

The majority of the Indians look forward to the monsoon season. As it begins to rain, it means a break from the oppressive heat of May and June, the chance to sit outside on the balcony without getting barbecued, and the sweet fragrance of damp Earth. However, for those who prefer to enjoy the monsoons outdoor, it is important to choose the right fabrics and shoes.

Here are some important fashion tips to rock your monsoon look-

Put on cotton clothing

Cotton is the most dependable and secure fabric for monsoons and has a lovely appearance. However, picking the proper clothing is just as important as choosing the suitable material for your shirt. For instance, cotton shirts and dresses are appropriate for kids. The best time for women to wear cotton dresses is during the rainy season. Cotton sarees would be a welcome change if you are attending a party. Cotton tees and shirts are easy to wash, and can keep stylish and comfortable during the rain.

No more jeans

Monsoon's muddy season can make commuting challenging. Even if denim is the most stylish wardrobe essential, you should stay away from them while it's raining. Due to their inferior quality and slower drying rate than other fabrics, denim will make monsoon far more challenging whether worn as a jacket or a pair of pants.

Don't wear full-length bottoms.

If you like walking in the rain, you won't like walking with muddy, damp trousers sticking to your legs. Because they are easier to carry in the monsoon, think about high palazzos, midi skirts, and capris for a stylish and comfortable look.

Your closet will benefit from the addition of a variety of monsoon-inspired clothing that goes with any style. These include bold-colored dresses for a party, Blazer dresses for business, Maxi dresses for casual meetings
and drawstring dresses for weekends

Cover your Head

An excellent trick for looking fashionable and shielding raindrops from your freshly cleaned hair is to wear a striking scarf. Pick one with a trendy print, such as an Aztec design, a geometric pattern, or a botanical pattern. For a fashionable and practical look, pair them with maxis that are informal or have floral prints.  Moreover, a lovely umbrella can ace your style.

Choose the right shoes

You should wear comfortable, rain-safe shoes in addition to appropriate clothing. Any closed shoes, including stilettos and heels, should be avoided. It's not a good idea to wear leather or velvet shoes, either as they could be ruined in the rain. Flip-flops in vibrant colours and rubber soles are also suitable possibilities. Additionally, waterproof socks protect your feet from bacteria and moisture.

Use different colours

Why not incorporate the positive energy and fun that the monsoon season is known for into your sense of style? Bright clothing makes you appear even more vibrant.

During this gloomy season, avoid light colours like white and beige as they become translucent. Light colours also reveal rain stains, so go with dark hues. Vibrant pinks, blues, oranges, and yellows look excellent when paired with neutrals.

Try not to wear too much makeup

With the monsoon season, the stickiness and humidity come complementary. So try not to put too much makeup on your face. Make it a light foundation and concealer with soft eyes and a little tint on your cheeks and lips.