Health benefits of Karela juice
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Health benefits of Karela juice

Bitter gourd contains a lot of vitamin C, which is great for your skin

Health benefits of Karela juice

After Covid and with passing time, we have become more health-conscious. And some things that we didn't like and avoided as kids are actually very beneficial for our health. And one of them is Karela or Bitter gourd. Bitter gourd is however one veggie that has numerous health benefits. If you can manage to drink it then drinking karela juice in summer can give you amazing health results.

To convince you further we have compiled a list of some amazing health benefits of Karela juice for your benefit.

Prevents dandruff and hair related problems

Karela ka juice is actually very beneficial for your hair. It helps to fight dandruff and flaky scalp while also helping to prevent problems like hair breakage, hair fall, and other types of problems related to scalp itching that can harm our hair's health. It contains lots of rich In vitamin C, which also helps to improve hair health.

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Prevents skin problem

Bitter gourd contains a lot of Vitamin C, which is great for your skin. This aids in the treatment of skin diseases and the removal of pimples, resulting in clear and healthy skin. This juice has many anti-oxidant elements which detoxify your blood impurities.

Cleanses liver

Bitter gourd is indeed a powerful detoxifier. As a result, it is very good for the liver. Also it enhances liver health and overall functioning of the digestive system by boosting metabolic pathways in the intestines.

Help in weight loss

Do you really want to lose some weight quickly in a short period of time? Add 'Karele ka juice' in your diet. It really is full of fiber and contains low calories. It is very useful in weight management. Furthermore, the antioxidant properties found in bitter gourd assist in the reduction of excess weight.

Maintain sugar level

This juice is very beneficial for those people who are suffering from diabetes. Doctors suggest drinking this juice regularly in the morning because this maintains the sugar level of the body. Also the antioxidant properties in this veggie, benefit in blood purification as well as the removal of toxins.

Improves eyesight

Vitamin A is beneficial for the eyes in a number of different ways. It aids in the improvement of vision. It also aids in the reduction of dark circles. Karela  is a good source of vitamins and can help in improving eyesight. One glass of  Bitter gourd juice can really clear vision and make your eyes more beautiful.

Good for heart

There are two types of Cholesterol that are good and bad. Bitter gourd is proven to lower blood cholesterol levels, working to improve cardiovascular health and lowering the risk of heart problems when taken regularly.

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