A bad food Sunday experience
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A bad food Sunday experience

All Sundays are not blessed with good food and a good mood.

A bad food Sunday experience

Sundays come as a little treat to reward oneself for getting through the week. Weekend plans come in motion and food is an integral part of it. If you get the food bit right, your weekend is most likely to be a triumph. I made an honest-to-God effort to make my recent Sunday a food success, but the reality, as it turned out, was way off the mark.

Well, the story is all about a series of bad food events throughout the day when I desired to have a simple good tasty meal. My day started when I woke happily at 5 Am and prayed for a happy Sunday. In my case, food is the biggest contributor as I am the one who lives for eating tasty food.

My Sunday started with the first food which was salted semolina we had for breakfast in the Girls PG. If you live in a girl's PG in Noida, even simple things in life come wrapped in their own set of challenges. The texture of the semolina was just like some mashed potato or khichdi but I decided to go for the taste. With the first bite, I discovered a taste like thickened corn flour which was definitely yukky. I complained to the PG owner about this and asked him to arrange something. Around 10 am we got macaroni to eat,  which was also not that good but just for formality I had a small bowl of that and again thought to have a good meal at a friend's house.

During the day around 1 pm, I and a few of my friends reached a  friend's house but as I am vegetarian, I wished not to eat but had a bowl of sewain there, which was extremely delicious but that wasn't enough to satisfy my hunger.

I with my friends then went to the grand Venice mall around 5:30 and the hunger was so high that even before entering the mall I wished to have a plate of chole kulcha in which two kulchas were presented. I had a  kulcha and that was so bad in taste that I wasn't able to eat that second kulcha.

I told my friends that I am having a bad day but then we enjoyed ourselves a lot in the Grand Venice mall, clicking pictures in almost every nook and corner. And I reached my PG again by 8:30. I was so disappointed with the food the whole day and felt hungry as hell but opening the food box again in the PG made my mood as bitter as a bitter guard because bitter guard curry was in the food box.

However, I decided to order something, and choosing what to eat took almost an hour, and finally, I decided to have a thali from my favorite thali spot. I asked my friend to order that for my roommate and me. He ordered that for us using a popular food delivery app and I started thinking that finally, I  am going to have something good to eat, but to my horror, I soon learned that the guy who was supposed to deliver my food deliver it to the wrong address around 10 pm and then the food delivery app canceled the order. I was very unhappy and didn't want to sleep that way. So I  tried another food delivery app this time. I tried 6 times but due to heavy traffic, they  didn't accept my order.

I have been a persistent person since my childhood days, so once again I told one of my other friends at 11 pm to order any veg thali from any restaurant. At last, I felt so tired, so sad but just wanted to eat something for Sunday. He ordered one thali each from two food delivery apps.
I was waiting eagerly for my order, but the first food delivery person told us that we have entered the wrong location, but how can it be possible when they have delivered food at the same location earlier. I told him that i would pay extra and sent him my live location. But the fact that gate no. 05 of  my society near the metro station closes at 10 pm slipped from my mind. Finally, I and my roommate had to go to the entry gate at 11:35 to receive the food package.

There is a saying in Hindi that 'Ant Bhala to sab Bhala' but I felt that the bad food Sunday didn't want to end as both the plates tasted like we have wasted our money. On the first plate, a raw smell of turmeric was coming from the daal and the second plate was a total  disaster, as that contained papad, which was raw, dal makhani was fermented and the butter paneer did not even have any butter in it. Also, the rice quality was worse than our PG.

Yes, I know I had a series of bad food experiences on Sunday, but then I decided to shift my good food day to Monday, at the trusted food canteen of Punjab Bhawan, in Central Delhi.