Noida residents react to Authority's drain cleaning initiative
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Noida residents react to Authority's drain cleaning initiative

Noida Authority has also appealed to residents to raise waterlogging complaints on 9717080605

Noida residents react to Authority's drain cleaning initiative

The Noida Authority has actively started cleaning the drains in several sectors of Noida, including sectors 4, 6, 60 and others to prevent waterlogging and overflowing ahead of monsoons. Noida Authority has also appealed to residents to post waterlogging complaints on 'Quick Response Number' 9717080605.

CitySpidey reached out to some Noida residents to know their views on this initiative.

Many residents allege that despite issuing a helpline number and several complaints, waterlogging issues have not been solved. Ranjan Samantaray, a resident of Antariksh Golfview 2, sector 78, Noida, says, "The drain line has been clogged at Antrishk Golfview-2, sector 78, Noida, close to gate number 2, for the past few years. The main drain pipe's water has bypassed the sewer line. As a result, our society is suffering from a stench. We have raised several complaints but the problem has not been solved. There are approximately 10,000+ residents in a 100-metre radius and this is a potential health risk. We respectfully request that the Noida Authority look into it immediately and cover this open drain line."

Sukhbir Singh, General Secretary, RWA Swadnim Vihar Duplax sector-82 says,

"The drains are open and adjacent to our sector. We have complained many times to the Authority but are not getting a response."

Several residents highlight that throwing garbage is a dominant reason for the clogging of drains and waterlogging in Noida.

Sushil Kumar Jain, President of market association sector-18, Noida, says,

"Every year the Authority starts such an initiative. The need of the hour is to look at the root cause of this problem, that is, throwing garbage in drains. There should be a complete ban on throwing garbage in drains by imposing a high penalty against this."

Brajesh Kumar, a resident of Antariksha Golf View 2, Noida, Sector-78, says,

"Cleaning the drains and raising complaints is a temporary solution. To solve this problem permanently, the human mentality will have to change. We dump the trash, polythene, and other unnecessary objects down these large and little drains. This should stop immediately."

Rakesh Jha, a member of 7X welfare, a collective working towards road safety in Noida says,

"Waterlogging is a very serious issue here because every drain is packed with garbage. CEO madam has taken this issue and started the work of cleaning the drain which is commendable. But it should have been undertaken before the rainy season. By starting the work at this time, the drainage waste on roads is mixing with rain causing a pathetic situation for the residents."

Nevertheless, some residents are also happy with this initiative and have appreciated it. Rajeev Sharma, RWA President, Sector-62 Rajat Vihar C block, says, "We complained about the cleaning of the drains at the gate of Sector-62 Rajat Vihar C-block months ago and the work was done by the Authority. I hope the Authority will continue this initiative and solve everybody's problems."